You’ll Never Look At Eminem The Same Again After Hearing About His Childhood

7 avril 2020

The “Rap God” Eminem is the biggest rapper of all time. He has sold more records and won more awards than anyone. He has sold 230 million records worldwide and has 16 Grammy awards. He has also produced 9 number one albums. He even bagged himself an Oscar for the best original song “Lose Yourself” on the film “8 Mile”, which he starred in himself. He has seen and done everything with some of the biggest albums and songs of all time. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in 1972 in his hometown of Detroit. His rapper name comes from his own initials put together(M&M). Much of his early life is discussed throughout his songs if you listen closely, but some are not discussed. You wouldn’t think that the greatest rapper of all-time was just a small kid who used to get beat up regularly and lived in a trailer park. You won’t believe the stories from his childhood. Take a look at some of these, you’ll never look at Eminem the same again. 


Source: childhoodbiography.com

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