You'll Be Shocked When You Hear These Facts About The Early Humans





Our ancestors roamed the Earth millions of years ago laying the foundations to what we are walking on nowadays. They would probably be ashamed at what we are doing but that is for another discussion. Archaeologists have dedicated their lives to looking into our ancestors’ history to try and get a better understanding of just what they were like and how they functioned. It is no surprise that we have developed from our ape-like ancestors with some significant difference and changes over the years. Their actions and their evolution has affected us today and the way we live and what we do and how we look. You are about to find out some astonishing facts about the first humans that you never knew before, find out what they are.




Different Looks

Humans are one of the best mammals at evolving and that’s what we have done from the first time we set foot on this Earth. We seem to have all started off in Africa but began moving out away from the Equator over one million years again. This led us to develop different skin tones and facial features to what we originally had. This next discovery changed everything.






Without the discovery of fire, we could still be eating raw meat and uncooked foods that our ancestors did for so long. Over 790,000 years ago we began cooking meat on top of controlled fires which meant there was far fewer bacteria consumption which led to a string of changes in our bodies that has helped us survive for so long. They were very talented.






Without early humans, we wouldn’t have the likes of some of the greatest artists in the world like Michaelangelo and DaVinci. We discovered art by painting and making pottery over 250 years ago where the first colour painting was found. They used to doodle in caves and this evidence can still be seen today. This next one is very important.







You can’t speak about our ancestors and not talk about their incredible evolution which constantly changed leading to what we are today. Everything about them changed, how they walked, cooked, dressed and cleaned. We are one of the best species to evolve to our surroundings and continue to do so to this day. You won’t believe this next one.







It mightn’t have been quite Bilbo Baggins and the rest of the Shire, but at one stage early humans were living amongst a species of Hobbits as skeletons were found of three and four-foot humans. They weren’t the only weird species that roamed the ground with some unspeakable animals that could give you nightmares. We almost went extinct next.




The Crash

About 80,000 years ago we almost became extinct as a species when the population was extremely reduced due to an unknown cause which is theorised to be due to a volcanic eruption. Archaeologists think that this eruption sent millions of particles of ash into the air blocking the sun’s heat for years causing freezing temperatures. This next one is odd.







Punch Evolving

So apparently because we suffered many brutal deaths due to blunt force caused by weapons and fists in the early days that our face adapted to withstand a punch from a fist. Evolution shaped our hands to form fists as a means of tool manipulation as well as developing a very strong fist to punch. Find out what they wore next.








It’s safe to say that the first humans were not walking around in designer Hugo Boss and Superdry gear with the freshest of kicks, anything but, really. In fact, they didn’t wear anything for the first few years as they were warm enough with their body hair. When this hair started to be less gradual they began wearing animal skin, cosy! How did they talk?







There are over 5,000 languages in the world today with everyone having their own distinguishable accent from whatever area they have adapted it from. These accents were non-existent back in the day as the only communication was grunting and hand signals before they learned words. Find out next how they used tools.






We have a tool for everything nowadays with no situation out of our control, but this wasn’t the case for our ancestors as they would have a handful of tools for a whole village and would have to make it multi-purpose. The creation of stone tools is estimated to be 2.6 million years old by using sharp rocks to build and also as a means of hunting. Our ancestors certainly led a much different and difficult life to what we are now but without them suffering we would not be here today. Humans ability to adapt is the reason we have survived for so long and it is something that we will always do for future generations.


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