You'll Be Shocked To Learn What Women Couldn't Do 100 Years Ago Compared To Now





Women’s rights have been a well-documented part of History. It is crazy to think that common things women can do nowadays, was almost unthinkable back then. The role of a woman has changed so much throughout history, with strong independent figures speaking out for their rights and helping to evolve the everyday woman. There has never been a better time in history to be a woman than now. There are so many opportunities for women in this generation than the ones previous. We now have women in high places that 100 years ago, would have been laughed at. The view on women has also had a complete makeover, they are no longer just the typical housewife and childminder. Women are the closest they have ever been to equal rights with men, and the world is taking notice. It is incredible what they have achieved in what really is a short space of time. Some of the things they were not able to do are mind-blowing. You’re not going to believe some of these former laws for women, take a look. 





Equal Pay

This is still quite a big topic nowadays with women still pursuing the hopes of having equal pay with men. Though many workplaces do implement this, there are some that do not. This wasn’t a debate back then, however, as the topic wasn’t even up for discussion as the man was seen as the only working member of the house and received the most money.





Skirts Above The Knee

All size skirts are allowed to be worn nowadays, with them being a very popular fashion choice for wearing out either casually or for events. This wasn’t the case 100 years ago, as women were not allowed to wear any skirts that went above their knee. You won’t see any that go below it these days.





Couldn’t Become Lawyers

After attending college to study law for years, women were not allowed to practice as lawyers. Law firms would not hire women as lawyers, and would only hire them as secretaries or librarians. They are now free to study and pursue whatever career they choose. 






Sit on a Jury

It was illegal for women to sit on a jury up until 1975. Only a few states allowed it for a certain period of time, but this was soon changed and they reverted back to a male only jury. 1920 was an important period for women on juries as they gained the right in certain states.  







Buying Drink

It’s crazy to think that for years, women could not buy their own drinks at a bar with their own money. Up until 1982, they could legally be refused a drink if not accompanied by a man or if it was not the male’s money. Now there is no stopping what limit of drinks they can have. 







Women were not allowed access to any form of contraception, including the pill. This was the main reason for such big families at the time, compared to nowadays. It was normal to have families of 6 or 10. The pill wasn’t approved until 1960, and it was only in 1972 that all women had the right to contraception. 





Sexual Harassment

Women were not allowed to report any sexual misconduct in the workplace up until 1964, and even then it was disregarded. It wasn’t until 1977 that courts recognized sexual harassment in the workplace after the term was defined in 1980. This continues to be an issue today but nothing like it used to be. 





Refused Bank Accounts

They were not allowed to open a bank account and would be refused by banks if they were unmarried. Their husbands would have to co-sign even when they were married to obtain a credit card. This ended in 1974 when women could finally spend their hard earned money freely. 





Not Allowed In Military

World War 1 and World War 2 were both fought without the inclusion of women. Women were not allowed to fight in the military or receive any benefits. This was changed in 1948 allowing women the right to serve their country and earn veterans benefits. 






Encouraged To Marry Young

It was common for women to marry very young aged between 18 and 22. This was encouraged through advertisements promoting women to marry for security status. Half of American women before 1950 had children before their 22nd birthday, leading them to a life of motherhood and homemaking.

It is scary to think that these were the laws at the time that oppressed female growth. A lot has changed since then thanks to the many protests and stands taken against these idiotic laws that should never have been made. Women are now striving in this new world of equal rights, with them being able to accomplish anything and becoming role models for the next generation.



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