You Would Never Guess The Hidden Meanings Behind These Royals’ Outfits

7 avril 2020

The Royal Family are arguably the most influential family in the world, so it’s no surprise that the clothes they wear often have a massive impact on the fashion industry as a whole. Take a look at the style choices of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, for example- no matter what dress she wears, it usually sells out within minutes and sets the designer up for a very successful future! Amazingly, this has been dubbed the “the Kate Middleton Effect”, and almost guarantees the success of any designer whose clothes she wears. 

What many people don’t realise is that the Royal Family’s outfits are often very well thought out and sometimes convey hidden meanings. These outfits are as symbolic as they are stylish, even though the general public may not notice this at first. Here we will go through some of the Royal Family’s most iconic outfits and explain the secret hidden meanings hidden behind the clothes that you may not have known about. You won’t believe the subtle signs and symbols that a simple dress or piece of jewellery can show- some of the reasons behind these outfits may shock you!


Source: aol.com

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