You Won't Believe What Weird Practices These Powerful Women Did As Habits In The Past- These Are Insane!








History tends to throw up some crazy facts and doings from some of the most famous names that make you think twice about the individual no matter what they accomplished. It is their personal lives where it gets weird as they can be a completely different person. There have been some amazing powerful women throughout History who will be put in the History books for what they accomplished, but they won’t tell you everything about them, because you would look at them differently. We know how some of the men have acted throughout History that has tainted their reputation, but you rarely hear about some of the weirdest things that the women got up to.  You need to see some of the weirdest practices performed by some of the most powerful women of all time, these are crazy.




Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is one of the most recognisable figures throughout History for her heroism in France during the hundred years’ war that got her the title “Maid of Orleans”. She once claimed that she had visions of being commanded by Saint Catherine of Alexandria to aid Charles VII to recover France. As we know, she didn’t have a happy ending.









Maria Theresa

Back during this time, the men were said to have been the ruler in the house, but this wasn’t the case for Maria Theresa who wore the pants in her relationship. The Empress was ridiculously in love with her husband having 16 children to him, being very possessive and causing his life hell. If you think that’s possessive take a look at this next one.






Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the ruler of both England and Ireland and quite a lot of the world for the 1800s. She not only mourned the death of her husband for 40 years, but she was very controlling of her 9 children. She had a network of spies to watch her children while she was busy. She ended up turning on a lot of her children once they left home.







Harriette Wilson

Harriette Wilson enjoyed the company of wealthy and upper-class men making her a distinguished courtesan. She had a long list of high up clients including ministers, royals and war heroes in Georgian England. She was able to use this to control powerful men to blackmail them for money. This next woman was psychotic.






Elizabeth Bathory

One of the craziest women in History is Elizabeth Bathory who was a Hungarian noblewoman who practised serial killing in her spare time, your average woman really. Between 1589 and 1605 she is said to have killed thousands of young women, estimated to be around 650. That is one woman not to cross. This next one is insane.







Agnes Sorel

Agnes Sorel is regarded as the first official mistress in History as she was the chief mistress of King Charles VII of France. She was known for being an unbelievably bold character who wore dangerously low cut gowns and even had one breast out the entire time as well as an uncut diamond around her neck. You won’t believe this next one.








Queen Nzinga

The 17th Century Queen rose to power when she took over Portugal from her brother who died. She is infamously known for starting a harem of men where she would make two guys fight for a place in her bed with the victor getting her services. She would then kill them the next morning and repeat the process the next night. If you think she’s crazy to look who’s next.







Joanna Of Castille

Joanna “The Mad” of Castille is one of the craziest women in History who had severe psychological issues that even her husband feared. Her husband would regularly seek other women which enraged her further, but when he died she would keep his body to herself and even travel places with him. She ordered women to stay away from him, while he was dead!







Catherine The Great

Catherine The Great was a Russian Empress who is considered to be one of the greatest rulers, hence the name. She did some great things during her reign but it was her personal life that was full of controversies. She was said to have very strange desires, one being involved with a horse. If you think that’s bad look at this next lady.



Isabel Peron

Isabel Peron served as the 42nd President of Argentina and was the 3rd wife of Juan Peron. Her issue lays with Juan’s 2nd wife who had died, but whose body remained in a casket on their dining table. She would brush her hair as a sign of devotion to her predecessor, creepy much?

These women may have gone a bit too far with their weird practices that have stained their reputation forever as they can never be looked at the same again after hearing these facts about them. What was going through their heads? Crazy women!


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