You Won’t Believe These Countries’ Bizarre Obsessions

7 avril 2020

When do culture and tradition get replaced by sheer obsession? While all countries have individual quirks that make them who they are, sometimes, countries can become infatuated and obsessed with bizarre and frankly strange objects, beliefs and practices. 

These obsessions can be filtered down into the public sphere from influential celebrities, media, religion and culture, and often seem senseless and weird to people from other countries. Take, for example, Japan’s obsession with anime- to other people in the world, they may see it as a strange devotion to cartoon characters, while the Japanese view it as a fantastic cultural art form.

Here we will break down some of the world’s weirdest obsessions by country, focusing particularly on those that are a little higher on the weird scale! These obsessions play massive parts in the lives of the people who live in the culture and totally influence the way that they can see the world. Click next to find out what they are…

Source: matcha-jp.com

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