You Won’t Believe These Amazing and Rare Photos of Lucille Ball

6 avril 2020

When it comes to iconic names in Hollywood, few people are quite as influential as Lucille Ball. As well as being a well-known American actress, Ball worked as a comedian, producer, and model in the era of Old Hollywood. She was best known for her shows I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show, where her bubbly personality was palpable on screen and totally embodied everything that was old-school American sitcom comedy.

Interestingly, Ball’s career began in 1929 when she got a break as a model soon before performing on Broadway and working as an actress on some minor film roles. It was only in the early 1950s, when I Love Lucy was created that Ball became a household name and America’s sweetheart. After her work here, she became the first woman to own an entertainment studio, named Desilu Productions, and worked between the business and acting world until her death in 1989. Here are some of the rarest unseen photos of Lucille Ball, which document her amazing life- you won’t believe how incredible they are.

Beginning as a Model

Source: lipstutorial.org

This photograph shows Lucille Ball as a young adult beginning her career in showbiz through modelling. Lucille began her modelling career in 1929 with brands using her as the face of their product to market to young girls and women in the US. Her beauty was enviable, and she soon became an it-girl in the American media.

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