You Will Be Shocked When You Learn Which Celebrities Are Terrible Tippers- We Didn’t Expect Number 5!

7 avril 2020

You would assume with the amount of money that celebrities make, they would be generous with their tips. This is the case for a large amount of the celebrity community, but there are a few giving them a bad name. These celebrities are known to be cheap and leaving little to no tips in restaurants. Tipping is one of the most important restaurant etiquettes in America, as waiters and waitresses rely on them for a living. Due to so many staff being on minimum wage, tips are heavily relied on in businesses for a standard rate of living. Tips can differ from day to day depending on the level of customers entering the premises on different days. The standard tip offering is generally 10% of your order.  When a celebrity walks through the door, they are given the utmost attention and treated like royalty. Due to this special treatment, decent tips are expected, but sadly, certain celebrities don’t abide by this. Some of the A-list celebrities who you would never expect to be bad tippers are, and you are going to be shocked when you see some of these names. Find out who the cheapest celebrities are.

Tiger Woods

Source: sbnation.com

One of the biggest sportspeople in history, who makes millions every year, is said to be a very bad tipper. Golfer Tiger Woods is the biggest name in golf and arguably the greatest of all time. It’s been said that he once took back a $5 tip given to a blackjack dealer.

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