You Need To Watch These Famous Bands’ Iconic Final Performances Before You Die

7 avril 2020

One of the worst things about being a band’s superfan is the inevitable day that they break up. While many bands across the world make their mark on music in a hugely iconic way, once they split up all we have left of them is the recordings of their music and live gigs to keep and listen to. Over the years, some bands have simply slid into the darkness following a split while others have ended their careers epically, with huge send-offs in the form of live concerts. 

Ironically, for a number of popular bands, their final performance is their best. Musicians who know that it could be their last time ever on a stage will put their heart and soul into the performance while adoring fans will go crazy to show how much they loved the band throughout the years.

If you’ve ever wondered where your favourite bands’ last performances were, look no further. Here we will rank the most amazing final performances of some of the world’s most famous bands. If you attended any of these gigs- count yourself one of the lucky ones… oh how we wish we could have been there!

Source: imbd.com

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