What Was Found Inside This Paris Canal Will Shock and Horrify You

6 avril 2020

In an attempt to clean the waters of Paris, the Canal Saint-Martin was drained for the first time in fifteen years back in 2016. Alongside a pile of fish, plant life and important shellfish that had to be safely removed from the canal before the big dredge, workers found a massive amount of crazy objects hidden deep beneath the waters of this famous canal that had been thrown in by civilians.

From guns and knives to bikes and toys, the random, surprising and sometimes hilarious items recovered from the bed of the canal gives an interesting, never-seen-before insight into the happenings of this popular Parisian hotspot. After dredging the canal, the people of Paris soon came face to face with a strange and new perspective of their city. Here are a few pictures to explain that story…

Source: ibtimes.co.uk

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