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Try Not To Laugh at These Side-Splittingly Funny Airport Signs

6 avril 2020

Airports are places of love, joy and tears. It’s where people go to meet their friends after years apart, and also where they go to tearfully send off family members who are emigrating. As well as all these meaningful moments, airports are also places where people get creative with hilarious signs to shock and embarrass the people who they’re there to meet, often with extremely funny results. 

From adorable signs that kids hold to greet their parents coming home from a business trip, to silly signs that friends use to embarrass their pals after a vacation, some people just know how to make a scene in the airport. And how to make everyone laugh along with it! Here are some of the funniest, raunchiest and most awkward signs to ever appear in airports across the world- try not to laugh when you see how hilarious some of these pictures are! 



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