These Vintage Photos Are So Rare We Feel Guilty Just Showing You Them- Take A Sneak Peek






Photos from History are a national treasure to the world as they depict just what life was like before our time and how everything was done that led to how we live now. History has produced some of the most iconic moments that were captured on camera and broadcast to the world. But amongst these globally recognised photos, there are some hidden gems that are just as significant but never made the cut. These photos were taken at significant times in History and all have a hidden or clear meaning behind them, some more obvious than others. And then there are some that are just simply spectacular that we have to share with you which will blow your mind as it blew ours. These are the rarest vintage photos from History that you’ve likely never seen before, take a look or you might not get another chance.





Testing Bulletproof Vests, 1923

One of the worst jobs that we can think of having during the 1920s would be a bulletproof tester. Bulletproof vests were only beginning to be made at this time, but we didn’t know this was how they were tested. Thankfully the vests were a success and the tester survived, but what if? If you think this is crazy just look at this next photo. 








Original Ronald McDonald, 1963

Ronald McDonald was the face of McDonald’s that made it the family-friendly restaurant that we have come to love, but we’re not sure this version of him would have made us fall in love with the fast-food chain. This clown is the stuff of nightmares and would definitely leave us with a sad meal. Hopefully, kids at the time enjoyed him, or maybe that’s why we fear clowns. You need to see this next photo. 






Burnt Cross In Martin Luther King’s Garden, 1960

This is a heartbreaking image of the state of racism at the time during the 60s with the icon Martin Luther King being the target. It is the fact that his son is in the garden with him as he removes a burnt cross that makes this so powerful. It shows that it is targeting the entire family, and a child should not have to witness this. This next photo also shows a different time in society.








Bathing Suit Measurements, the 1920s

It was much different time over 100 years ago during the 1920s for so many reasons, but it was a particularly tough time for women. Women had to abide by laws enforced by men on their appearance, and this photo is the main example of this. The length of clothes was taken seriously, so measurements were taken to make sure they were not too short. They would be fined if they were. You need to see this next photo. 








Nazis Celebrating Christmas, 1941

This is a very rare photo from World War II that you’re likely to never see, for obvious reasons. It shows all of Hitler’s officers and cadets sitting down for a large gathering at Christmas in 1941 mid-war. It is a very eerie photo that has remained hidden for a reason. They definitely got bags of coal that Christmas. Feast your eyes on this next photo. 








Alcohol Prohibition, 1929

The increase of the illegal production and sale of alcohol during the 1920s in America led to the prohibition of alcohol as a way to stop crime and illegal trading. This was a complete failure as it backfired with crimes and illegal matters rising. This photo was taken in Detroit in 1929 with illegal alcohol being thrown out of a window. 









Elvis in the Army, 1958

“The King Of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley did his time in the army and that is well known, but this is a rare photo that you’ve likely never seen of him. Any photo without him on stage with a guitar and all of his swagger could be considered a rare photo really. He served for two years in the army from 1958-1960. This next photo will bring a tear to your eye. 






The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

The Hindenberg disaster happened on May 6th, 1937 in New Jersey United States where a German passenger airship caught fire and was destroyed. 36 people on board died out of the 97 people which gained huge reaction worldwide. This put a lot of people in doubt of the creation and fearful of future travels. Wait until you see this next photo. 







Hippo and Cart, 1924

You’ve heard of a horse and cart, well get ready for hippo and cart. In one of the most bizarre creations ever, somebody thought that this was a good idea. This circus hippo was made to pull a cart with a passenger as part of the show, which is sure to be the slowest carriage of all time. Thankfully this idea never stuck and we made cars instead. 





Sweden Driving Laws Change, 1967

This disaster struck photo was taken on the first morning that Sweden changed their driving from the left side to the right side which completely baffled drivers. The chaos and confusion can clearly be seen as nobody was able to adjust to the new rules of the road. It makes for one great photo however and now they are well used to driving this way. 


We can’t get over some of these photos, they are so unique and rare that we really don’t appreciate them for what they are. Without someone taking these photos, we may never have had full explanations for certain events, but we are grateful we have them.



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