These Traditions are Dying Out Because of Millenials- Do You Agree?

7 avril 2020

Millennials have gotten a controversial reputation for themselves in recent years, becoming known as the generation who are ditching old traditions in favour of new, liberal ways of thinking. Alongside this, they are being branded as a generation who are more interested in their smartphones than in human contact, get easily offended by almost everything and feel entitled to a lavish life by doing the minimum amount of work possible. Despite this popular image of Millenials, it couldn’t be more inaccurate. 

The millennial generation are (for the most part) a group of passionate, empathetic and pro-active young people who are navigating their way through a pretty scary world. They are some of the first generations to be faced first-hand with the effects of climate change and financial instability- all caused by the generations before them. In an attempt to fight these dangerous changes, they are protesting, fighting and taking to social media to make their voices heard. As they are making their way in the world, they are also ditching some previously accepted traditions while they do it. Here are some of the once-popular things that Millenials are ditching, some for the better and some for the worse.


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