These Retro Wedding Pictures Will Show You How Weddings Have Evolved Over The Years






Weddings are the most important part of a couple and everyone tries to make it the most memorable day of their lives. From decor to the wedding gowns, everything needs to be perfect on that day. With changing times, fashion changes and so does the ways in which weddings are held. You will be shocked to see some of the wedding photos from the earlier times. Take a look at these photos and you will see how people got married in the olden days. You never know you might want to bring back one of these styles for your own wedding day. 







The Free-Spirited Bride

This is the photograph from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s wedding. You can clearly see the 60s vibe here as Yoko Ono is all set to get married to Lenon in her textured mini dress with a large brimmed white hat. Quite unusual to that time!








Bianca Jagger 

It became the most iconic wedding dresses of the 70s when Bianca jagger decided to walk down the aisle in Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket and a skirt, without a shirt. She made quite a bold statement with her choice of attire. 








Ines de la Fressange

Fashion model Ines de la Fressange went for a very unconventional choice which many brides of that time would not even dare to think about. She wore a short white dress with a coat and accessorized it a white brimmed hat and white gloves. She looked ravishing!






The Lace Designs

Laces were quite into fashion during the 60s and the bride here is wearing a lace-embroidered full-sleeved gown and veil too has a border of lace adorning her head. The bridesmaids’ dresses look pretty interesting too. The three-tier satin dress with the hat adds a bit of drama to their look. 














The Puffed Sleeves and the Curls

The bride here sure looks very pretty and her wedding gown is pretty interesting too. The puffed sleeves are no more in fashion but back in the 70s, women loved wearing it. The embroidered puffed sleeved on the brode’s gown looks pretty and her messy hairdo adds to her beauty. Do not miss the groom’s hairstyle. We love it!




















The Floral Crown

Okay, so we were just talking about the 70s puffed sleeve style. This looks like a bit of exaggeration of that style. A bit too much! But the lace design at the hemline of the dress looks nice. What we don’t understand is the floral crown instead of the traditional veil. It sure looks weird!


















The Simple Venue Decor

People spend a bomb on getting their wedding venue decorated but looks like this couple chose to go with the simplest decor options. A blackboard that clearly announces the name of the couple and that is enough for the guests to know, isn’t it? Do not miss the bride’s glasses. We wonder if brides during modern times would still wear their glasses to their weddings. 

Which of these styles you think will make a comeback soon? Is there any of your favourite styles from the 70s or the 80s that you would like to recreate?



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