These People From The Spotlight Made History, But What Happened To Them? How Many Of These Do You Remember?







With a 24-hour news world on almost every major news channel and online media taking over in recent years, it can be hard to stay in the news and it really brings back the old saying “15 minutes of fame” by giving it new life. How many one-hit wonders have we seen appear on television for a number of seconds making us laugh or news stories that got the world’s attention only to never be heard of again? Where do these people and stories go? Quite a lot of the time you can put this down to “old news” as they had their time and are no longer relevant as there is no follow up story. These are given their air time and then dumped in the scrap pile of the millions of other one day stories. But these people with their stories and accomplishments made history and stood out so much that had everyone talking, so where are they now? You won’t believe some of these.






“Octomom” was the name given to Nadya Suleman who popped out octuplets in 2009 that shocked the world and had her labelled as “Octomom” on every news channel. Her condition and process leading to having 8 kids baffled doctors that has led to a troubled life since as she now struggles to care for 14 children on her own. You’ll remember this next star.




Mike Tyson

The legendary boxer was the biggest and best heavyweight in the world throughout the 80s and early 90s becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. The late 90s were a tough time for Tyson as his personal life went off the rails with him serving prison time and biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear. He has gone bankrupt since but turned his life around in 2012 with a brand new image. This next guy shocked the world.




Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was the perfect “comeback kid” as a cyclist who had testicular cancer to Tour de France champion. The American made a crazy recovery and went on to become the best in the world winning seven Tour de France’s. In 2012 it was revealed that he was doping the entire time and he was stripped of his seven medals. He now owns an investment company. If you think this was controversial, check out who’s next.





Monica Lewinsky

The controversial intern who worked for the White House was found to have had a relationship with Bill Clinton that threw her into the public spotlight disgracing her name and shamed for her actions with Clinton escaping any charges. She left the White House, the public eye and the country to get a master’s degree in Psychology in 2014. You need to see this next one.






The child band shot into the spotlight in the 90s taking the world by storm with their extremely catching song “MMMBop” on their debut album that sold over 10 million records. This popularity soon faded away as they were not able to produce another follow-up hit. You’ll be surprised to learn that they are still touring and even opened their own brewery. The whole world was invested in this next story.





O.J Simpson

It will be very hard to find anyone in America who doesn’t know the name O.J Simpson, not only for his incredible NFL career but also his “trial of the century” where he was accused of killing his wife and her lover. He was found not guilty but later went to prison for theft. He served 9 years and is now living a quiet life in Las Vegas. How many of you remember this next megastar?





Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding was a young figure skating champion who was battling it out with Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 at the Figure Skating National Championship with a chance to make it to the Olympics. Harding’s bodyguard attacked Kerrigan with a metal stick as she came off the rink which led to Harding winning. She rejects any involvement in this and is now living in Washington after making casual appearances on celebrity shows.





Jessica McClure

“Baby Jessica” is probably the most famous baby of all time when she got nationwide recognition after falling down a 22-foot well in Texas in 1987 spending 58 hours there before being rescued. She needed 15 surgeries after this and was able to purchase her first house with the funds raised to get her out of the well when she was just 18 months old. She now lives two miles from that well working in a school. Who remembers this next star?





Mara Wilson

The incredibly famous child actress made history when she appeared in award-winning films like “ Matilda” and Mrs.Doubtfire”. She starred in these 90s comedy classics and became one of the biggest child stars in the world. As she got older she fell out of love with acting taking less and fewer roles each year until she barely had any involvement. She has done nothing significant since “Matilda” which is such a shame.





Bernie Madoff

One of the most hated men in history is former NASDAQ chairman Bernie Madoff who stole $65 billion in clients’ money. The accusations against him were considered mad and uncharacteristic, but it turned out to be true. He was sentenced to a prison term along with 15 of his family members who were involved with him. He is still paying off the victims who he frauded.

Did you recognize many of these former people who were huge at one time or another in the news but slowly began to fade away from the spotlight and go on with their lives quietly? It is crazy to think how long ago these dominated front pages, and it is unlikely we will see them again.



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