These CGI Images of Historical Figures Will Give Your Sleepless Nights





We all have learnt about the great historical people in our History books and have seen their paintings, sculptures and portraits that depicted a little bit as to how they might have looked. But imagine how great it would be if we actually see what they looked like.  These paintings and portraits are accurate depictions. Today, with the help of modern technology and CGI, we can actually recreate their faces and see what these people looked like during earlier times. You will be shocked to find out that Jesus looks nothing like the pictures you have seen of him and the beautiful Cleopatra is not at all like how she has been described in your books. 



St. Nicholas (Santa Claus)

If you have any doubts about Santa being real, you must read this. Saint Nicholas was a 4th-century Christian saint who would often give secret gifts for children. Thus, Christmas came into existence. But the image of Santa that we have in our minds is completely different from what Saint Nicholas looked like. His CGI image has a long beard but the face is completely different to what we had imagined Santa to be like. The next historical figure on this list is the prettiest of all.





Queen Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh and was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Egypt around those days. Her mummy was reconstructed and her beauty remains timeless. Her reconstructed face created a lot of stir as people argued that she was whitewashed.  You will be shocked to see the next CGI image.




St. Anthony

Saint Anthony is one of the most popular priests and you might have come across loads of pictures where he is depicted holding baby Jesus in his arms. His CGI image looks nothing like how he has been depicted over the years. His hairstyle looks funny with a broad face cut and eyes that are quite piercing. 




Lord of Sipan

Lord of Sipan was an Incan ruler who ruled the ancient Moche civilisation about 2000 years ago. He is also said to have possessed God-like powers. You might have understood by now how difficult it must be to get an actual portrait of the ruler which would depict him exactly the way he looked like. His portraits look nothing like a real human, but his CGI images made it pretty clear why he considered to be such a great warrior. 




Nicolaus Copernicus

This great mathematician and astronomer came out with a theory about our solar system that still stands true – the sun is the centre of our universe. His portraits make him look like a cartoon character and until CGI came in, we had no clue how this genius mind looked like. Unfortunately, he looks pretty miserable in his real pictures too. The next image on this list is pretty disturbing.



King Tut

The infamous Egyptian pharaoh is a very popular Egyptian ruler and you might remember reading about him in your History lessons. He died at a very early age and scientists have not been able to confirm the cause of his death still. When a virtual 3D autopsy was carried out to determine what he actually looked like, the result wasn’t very pretty. Elf-like ears and a weird teeth structure – we expected something more royal-like. Want to see how Cleopatra looked like? Check out the next item.





Cleopatra is one of the most famous women in History. Reconstructing her face to know what she actually looked like was pretty interesting as she was also considered to be the most beautiful woman of her time. Well, the CGI image is not so disappointing but it is also not something that we had imagined her to be. The CGI image of Jesus is going to rob you of your sleep.



Jesus Christ

The Son of God – we all know how he looks like as we all have so many pictures of him and have seen so many statues of him. But what did he actually look like? The CGI image is completely different from how we have seen Jesus all these years. Looks like Jesus was another figure from History who was whitewashed.  Check out how the first president of the United States looked like.




George Washington

Regarded as the founding fathers of America, George Washington served as the first President of America between 1789 to 1797. His face reconstruction did not turn out to be as shocking as some of the others on this list. His face was reconstructed only with the help of a black and white photo of the president. He looks a lot like how he appears in his photographs.  The next one on this list is not disappointing at all.



Simon Bolivar

This Venezuelan military leader was one of the most influential leaders in the world. He died early due to Tuberculosis. The CGI reconstruction of his image was created by a forensic team who worked closely with the Venezuelan government. He looks quite pleasing and authoritative in the reconstructed images. 

Which one of these was the most shocking one for you? Santa and Jesus were definitely the shocking ones for us.


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