These Are The Worst Admirals Of All-Time Who Sunk To Rock Bottom





The role of an admiral is vital in war times as they are the highest rank amongst navies. It is the title and rank given to a senior naval officer who commands a fleet or a navy, some more than one at a time.  There is nobody higher than an admiral so they have complete control over what goes on aboard the ships. As we know from history, the battles that have taken place at sea have played major roles in the overall outcome of wars. This comes down to how good the commanders overseeing the battle are, with history coughing up some legendary admirals and some terrible. There are some key mistakes that commanders make in every war that will see them lose the battle including disregarding orders or a lack of understanding of supply lines, the list goes on. You need to see who the worst admirals of all time are, they hit rock bottom. 






Isoroku Yamamoto 

Yamamoto was the Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the commander in chief of the combined fleet during World War II. He is the architect behind the attacks on Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Midway. He was killed when American codebreaker identified his flight plans and shot down his plane in 1943 which was a big loss to the Japanese fleet. This next commander was on the opposite side during these attacks. 







Richmond K.Turner

Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner served in the United States Army during World War II and is best known for leading naval forces during this time. He was not successful however as he was criticised for his lack of preparation when attacked in 1942 by Japanese forces. This saw over 1,000 Allied sailors lose their lives after four heavy cruisers were sunk. You need to hear what this next Admiral did. 









Alonso Perez de Guzman

The 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia was the commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armada that was sent to take control of England in 1588, which proved to be a more difficult task than he thought. Although his fleet was the largest of its era, it lacked manoeuvrability which the British took advantage of. As they retreated, a storm destroyed them. You won’t believe what this next Admiral did. 







Francois Darlan

Francois Darlan is considered to be one of the most controversial Admiral during World War II as he controlled the fleet and the French Navy in 1939. After France signed an armistice in 1940, Darlan served under the Germans and became a deputy leader. He was considered a traitor and was assassinated in 1942. You need to see what this next Admiral did. 






Pierre-Charles Villeneuve 

Villeneuve was a French naval officer during the Napoleonic wars as he was in command of the French and Spanish fleets. He was defeated by Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar where he attacked the British Commanders fleet after failing to meet allied forces in the English Channel. He would retreat to France after the defeat and commit suicide. This next Admiral was very disliked. 







Takeo Kurita

Kurita was a vice admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II and was present during the defeat at the Battle of Midway. He was criticized for not fighting to the death in the Battle of Samar where he regrouped instead of pressing on Allied forces, which may have cost him victory. Have you heard of this next admiral? 









George Tryon

British Admiral Sir George Tryon was the Royal Navy’s fleet commander in 1893 where he led two warships off the North African coast. He sunk one ship and ended up crashing the other two into one another after ordering them to turn around after losing half his crew. This killed him and his crew as he was aboard the HMS Victoria. Check out this next Admiral.


















Gunther Lutjens

Gunther Lutjens was a German Admiral who served in the military for over thirty years including two world wars. He commanded the Bismark which is considered the most powerful ship in German history as a Nazi admiral during its foray into the Atlantic ocean in 1941. This would prove to be a bad move as it was destroyed by British warships and he was killed as he tried to flee to France. You won’t believe this next story. 













William Sims

William Sims was an admiral in the United States Navy during the late 19th and early 20th century. He commanded all of the American naval forces operating in Europe during World War I. His ineffectiveness to control and counteract German U-boats was a huge failure as they destroyed many supply ships. He survived and went on to retire and eventually die in 1936. You need to see this next admiral’s failure. 









Xerxes I

Also known as ‘Xerxes the Great’, Xerxis I was the King of the Persian Empire from 486 BC, famous for steering a massive invasion in Greece in 480 BCE. Overall, this invasion was a failure as he became overran on mainland Greece after attacking their navy when he shouldn’t have. This defeat for Persia led to the end of his reign shortly after. 

If we are ever at sea in the middle of a war, we definitely do not want any of these men commanding us, or we are destined for certain doom. These admirals all made consequential mistakes that led to a big turn during wars that could have changed the course of history forever. 



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