These Ancient Mysteries Are Still Puzzling Scientists To This Day- You'll Scratch Your Head At Some Of These




Ancient Mystery has always intrigued the human mind. The mystery of the unknown has and always will be a great hobby and interest of ours, especially when it has a good backstory. There is so much knowledge about history that we nearly forget there is still some unknown. Scientists have worked tirelessly for generations to better understand and get definitive answers on everything that has led to where we live today. But they can’t know everything, and there are just some puzzles they can’t quite solve.  Artefacts, civilisations, islands and mythical creature legends, have always been some of the biggest curiosities surrounding the past. Ideas have been drawn up about the exact facts surrounding these findings and myths, but there are just no conclusive answers when it comes to some. You won’t believe some of these findings that scientists simply can’t explain, no matter the research put behind it. Some parts of history are better to be left in the past and left unknown, and it seems that whoever was originally involved in these mysteries, wanted them to stay like that. Prepare to be mind-blown with these ancient mysteries that still puzzle scientists to this day.


Antikythera Mechanism 

The “Antikythera Mechanism” is one of the strangest objects ever found that still causes much confusion around its origin. It was found at the bottom of the sea off a Greek island in 1901, and it is thought to be made around the second century BC. It has been described as a celestial calendar that could predict cycles like the Olympic Games every four years.






The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids are still to this day baffling scientists due to the unique and complicated construction of the structures. The three pyramid complex was built around 5000 years ago, that consists of tunnels and hidden doors that are still being found today. It is still unknown who built the famous monuments.








The Devil’s Bible

One of the craziest mysteries you’re likely to here is of the “Devil’s Bible”. The “Codex Gigas” is the world’s largest illuminated manuscript and it features a large image of the devil on the inside. It is believed a monk who sold his soul to the devil, wrote this in the 13th century in one night that included all human knowledge. Certain pages were mysteriously removed.








The fallen city of Atlantis has always been one of the world’s most fascinating finds. Legend has it that the thriving city at the time became submerged by the ocean in one day where it still remains today. It was discovered in the Bahamas, but the actual events and knowledge of what went on there is still a mystery to this day.







The most famous Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, is such an intriguing mystery that surrounds the death of the young Pharaoh. “The Pharaoh’s curse” tale, which got its name from the many deaths of anyone who uncovered his tomb. The mystery around his tomb has forever been a never-ending anomaly. Due to the tale, no one wants to set foot in the tomb.






Hobbits are believed to have existed in the past, due to skeletons and skulls found that confused the scientists who studied them. Abnormal looking skulls that were smaller to that of a normal human skull have led to beliefs of a species of hobbits that were never thought about before. This is the only evidence to back this up and everything else about them is unknown.





Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is a 250-page book that was discovered in 1912 and has become one of the most talked-about books in history. What makes this so interesting is the fact that the ancient text contained within the book is unreadable and never seen before. It has a never before seen alphabet that includes many images of zodiac signs and nude women.






Baghdad Battery

A collection of clay jars dating 200 BC, were found in 1838 that led scientists to believe they were the first form of batteries made. An iron rod wrapped in the copper cylinder was found inside the jar and when these were recreated, they produced an electrical current. It is unknown why these would have been used, or what for, by ancient people.






Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has become a modern-day paranormal mystery. Known as the “devil’s triangle”, this has become the sight for mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft who have entered its zone. It is located in the Western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and forms a triangle-like a shape which is where the disappearances occur.



The Loch Ness Monster

The bigger than life legend of the mythical creature “The Loch Ness Monster” has for years intrigued and confused those who have studied it. It has never been uncovered what the creature in the water was when it was spotted in the lake in Scotland. The identity of the creature is still unknown today and research continues to be carried out to uncover “Nessie”. Now that we’ve just scrambled your brain with these crazy mysteries, can you uncover the truth behind these that the scientists can’t? What is your opinion on them? The answer is that we will never truly know the exact origins and explanations behind these mysteries. We will just have to do with what we’ve got for now.


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