There is No Way That You Would Have Survived Life In Ancient Greece- Just Look At How Crazy Their Society Was






We may think that our current society is quite bad, but it is nothing in comparison to the Ancient Greeks, they lived in a whole other world completely. The Ancient Greeks are one of the most important civilizations in Ancient History with a huge contribution towards philosophy, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. They emerged in the 8th century BC before falling to the Romans in 146 BC, lasting for about 350 years. They emerged from the Dark Ages and began to rebuild civilization that would become the best of their time with so many substantial discoveries. They have helped shape everything that we know and do today, our own civilization wouldn’t be the same without them. Thankfully though, we haven’t adapted to the same way their civilization lived with their rules and methods. There is no way we would even survive a day in their times, here’s why this will shock you.





If you were in any way seriously injured, your chances of survival were very slim. Greek surgeons didn’t have any in-depth knowledge of anatomy and didn’t really know how to perform. It was seen as a last resort and only performed if patients were wounded severely. This next one is truly terrifying.







Torture Methods

The Greeks weren’t known especially for their torture methods or brutality as much as the civilizations that followed. One thing that they did use however was through a bronze bull statue. A door was found on the bull’s side which the victim would be placed in and shut. A fire was then lit underneath the bull. Roasting them alive. Not a pleasant way to go.







They say the best time of your life is as a child, which we can have an argument for, but not the Greeks. Spartans were fearless, ruthless warriors that were trained from a young age. At the age of 7, boys would be sent off to a military camp until they were 30 where they were trained relentlessly to perfect the art of combat. We’ll stick to hide and seek thanks.






The Greeks are well known for their advancements with medicine, but we perfected it. Before the 5th century BC, if you were sick, it was left up to God’s will to decide your faith and no treatment would be given. Many people would go to religious shrines to pray for their health. This next one is mental.







Birth Control

Birth control has come a long way, but the Greeks had absolutely no part in this, with no impact in fact. They believed that if you sneezed, it was an effective birth control method. Doctors would tell women to squat, sneeze and rinse and they wouldn’t get pregnant, instead of using contraception. Clearly this didn’t work and most women were pregnant.





We are a privileged civilization to have toilet roll in our lives, what did we do before it was invented? Well, the Ancient Greeks had their own methods to deal with their dirty business and it is disturbing. Some would clean themselves with a sponge attached to a stick, these were the lucky ones. The rest would have to use pebbles and stones to clean themselves.






So far, we don’t have much faith in doctors methods in Ancient Greece, and this one will eliminate all faith. To get a proper diagnosis of your condition, doctors would taste your bodily fluids. This was usually done through having a nibble on your earwax. They would even lick vomit and run their fingers through phlegm. If you think this is crazy, look at this next one.






If you aren’t a violent person, then Ancient Greece was not the place for you due to the numerous battles and wars that occurred. These battles were common with other cities and the worst thing is that you had to supply your own weapons and equipment when sent into battle. You need to see this next shocking fact, it will make you sick.








The Greeks are famous for their athletes who were in immaculate shape and dominated sports. The athletes would perform fully nude, no matter what the occasion. This would leave them very dirty, so they would scrape all of the mud and sweat off themselves into jars and citizens would buy them and apply them to heal wounds and sores. GROSS.





Ancient Greece was riddled with famines, diseases and droughts, leading to starvation and death for millions. Because there were no treatments available, most people who contracted anything would suffer and die. The drought was said to last over a period of 300 years with people slowly dying off. We can barely go a few hours without food.

We will give the Ancient Greeks one thing, they are a hardy breed of people, and we would definitely not have survived in their society with everything we are privileged to have now. We could be waking up, wiping ourselves with athletes sweat and stones, going out into battle and visiting doctors that taste our bodily fluids. We’re happy where we are thanks.


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