The Side Of The Notorious Bonnie And Clyde Story That You Never Hear- This Is Fascinating





Bonnie and Clyde are one of the most infamous duos of all time like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Harry and Loyd, Frodo and Sam, they were inseparable. They captivated the imagination of the public with their daring flee as lovers running from the law and their bloodbath and crime left behind them. They are well known for their bank robberies, not to mention their smaller robberies at gas stations and small stores. The American press had a field day with their story bringing in a huge leadership of everyone who wanted to stay up to date with the lovers’ story. The criminal couple travelled with their gang across America during the Great Depression, but what really happened on their travels and how did it end? Their story is legendary and will live in for many more years, find out exactly how it went down.




How They Met

It can almost be classed as destiny as to how the pair met with both of them visiting a sick friend on the same day having never met each other before. They were both attracted to each other and they knew it. What were the odds, but there were some complications.







Bonnie Parker instantly fell head over heels for Clyde, even after finding out about his criminal background. The only thing was that she was married to another man at the time which she married before she was 16. She didn’t let this get in the way of being with Clyde, especially when she met him when he got out of prison. 






Clyde Barrow was heavily involved in criminal activity with his first arrest coming at 17. He stole cars, cracked safes, and robbed stores, all before he met Bonnie. Shortly after meeting Bonnie he was sent to jail for auto theft, and when he came out after three months she was waiting there for him, this innocent girl with no prior convictions. This was the beginning of something special.








The pair could not be kept apart and it was obvious that Bonnie was willing to do anything for Clyde having supported him after leaving prison and leaving her husband for him. Once he left prison, he went right back to his life of crime, but this time he had Bonnie by his side, was she his new partner in crime?






Partner In Crime

The pair started their life in crime together in the 1930s after Clyde was released from prison as they began to start small by robbing local shops and petrol stations with their gang the “Barrow Gang”. These were targeted at small towns of north-central Texas stealing guns as well as the robberies. This was only the beginning of their crimes.






Their goal was to collect enough money to launch a raid against Eastham Prison but Bonnie was captured trying to rob guns for a hardware store and spent a couple of months in prison. They began to get sick of small crimes and moved on to bigger robberies and murders, this is when it became serious for the pair.






Bonnie and Clyde murdered 13 people on their crime spree. Their first murder came when Clyde and another member of the gang opened fire on an innocent officer killing him and wounding a sheriff who simply approached them at a country dance. This was the first of their 9 murder law officers. You have to see this next one.








The gang expanded their operations and began robbing in towns outside of Texas including Missouri and Louisiana. Their gang also expanded with new members including family members. They rob banks in these two states killing officers and kidnapping people on their way. All of this got them a lot of attention and they had to flee to Missouri. This was soon to be the beginning of the end of their lives.





On The Run

Photos of the couple appeared in local papers romanticizing the couple while police were on the hunt for them as they made the ‘most wanted’ list. They escaped one encounter with them as Clyde’s brother, a member of the gang was killed. It was only a matter of time before they were next.





The End

In May 1934, Bonnie and Clyde were killed after a chase and shootout with guards who had ambushed them on a road in Louisiana. They opened fire on Clyde’s stolen Ford V8 emptying their rounds until all that was left was the lovers’ bloody corpses. Their crime spree had come to an end, but their legacy would live on forever.

News of the criminal lovers broke shooting them and their story to stardom as the romantic part of their crime spree was publicized. They even had a film made of their journey in 1967  and are still mentioned to this day in songs as well as television shows and re-make films. The infamous duo will never be forgotten.


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