The Most Shocking Royal Tragedies That Will Leave Your Mind Baffled





Living a life of a royal feels like a dream and we all secretly dream of a life like that. Great dresses, tiaras, servants, the bowing and the wavings – all of this sounds so perfect. But living the life of a royal is not just about these things. It comes with a price. Underneath all the glitter, every royal family has had its own shades of grey. With the media and the people watching you like a hawk, the pressure is sometimes too much to take. Along with fame and power, comes a great deal of responsibility and stress to tackle any difficult situation. And when they are unable to cope with that, murders, suicides and betrayals are the only options left for them, it seems. Take a look at some of the most shocking royal tragedies around the world.





Princess Diana’s Death

This was the worst tragedy in the history of royal families when the world lost one of the most beloved royal members. Princess Diana of Wales, also known as the “The People’s Princess” was loved by many and was known for her numerous charity works. But the British tabloids were not too kind to her as her marriage, her personal life, her divorce was always made a topic of controversy in the media. In 1997, when Diana was travelling in her car with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, the car was chased by the paparazzi. The driver lost control of the car which led to a terrible crash killing Princess Diana, driver Henri Paul and Dodi Fayed.




Crown Prince of Nepal Commits Mass Murder

It was a party night for the royal family of Nepal on June 1, 2001. Everyone was celebrating and having fun but little did they know what fate had in store for them. Suddenly, Crown Prince Dipendra opened fire at his family, killing nine people and then killing himself too. While his intentions were not clear, there were rumours that he wanted to marry a girl who belonged to a lower social class, to which his parents refused. This enraged him and he took this extreme step.





Prince Friso of Netherlands’ death

A terrible ski accident destroyed this family. Prince Friso of Netherlands lived happily with his wife, Mabel and their two daughters in London. In 2012, during a ski vacation in Lech, Prince Friso got buried under an avalanche. Although he was retrieved and was given the best medical treatment, he stayed in a coma. He passed away in 2013 as his brain damage was too severe.






Royal Nurse Commits Suicide

When Kate Middleton was pregnant with her first child, she was once hospitalized at the King Edward VII’s Hospital for extreme morning sickness in 2012. Two Australian radio DJ’s made a prank call to the hospital. Impersonating the Prince of Wales and the Queen, they spoke to a nurse named Jacintha Saldanha. Jacintha fell for the prank and transferred the call to Kate’s nurse. The outcome of this was not quite funny. Jacintha committed suicide days after the prank was broadcast. She left a suicide note blaming the prank call for her death.





The Romanov Family’s Mass Execution

This was one of the most controversial murders in the history of the royal families. On the pretence of being moved to a safe location, the Romanov family were woken in the middle of the night, taken to the basement and were shot. Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their five kids, Olga, Maria, Alexei, Anastasia and Tatiana were killed by the Bolshevik troops and their bodies were mutilated and dumped in a field.






Prince Ernst And Princess Sabine Of Germany’s Suicide Pact

The cousin of the Queen of England, Prince Ernst Leopold and his wife, Princess Sabine Margarethe committed suicide in 1996. The couple shot themselves in their car at a resort in the Bavarian woods. It was assumed that the couple were under immense debt and could not take the burden anymore, but these reports were never confirmed.





Princess Grace of Monaco’s Car Crash

This was another tragic car crash that killed Princess Grace, a princess loved by many. The accident happened when she was driving back from Monaco with her daughter, Stephanie. Grace suffered a heart attack and lost control of the car. Grace and daughter survived the car crash but unfortunately, Grace could not survive the stroke and she had to be taken off the life support the next day.





Japanese Princess Masako’s Depression

The Crown Prince of Japan Naruhito fell in love with a commoner Princess Masako, who was a highly educated woman and had studied at Harvard and Oxford. The prince proposed to her thrice and pursued her relentlessly before she finally accepted his proposal. They got married in 1993. But, Masako soon slipped into depression as she was forced to give up her career and her personality and couldn’t cope well with the royal life.





Prince Charles’ Goddaughter’s Sudden Death

A well-known socialite, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was a daughter of an Olympian skier who was Prince Charles’ friend. So, Prince Charles became Tara’s godfather. But Tara was also a favourite controversy child for the British media. Stories of her wild parties and cocaine addictions were favourites of the British tabloids. Her health deteriorated and she was found dead at her London home on February 8, 2017.





Princess Louise’s Secret Child

The daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise, was known for her erratic personality. It was rumoured that she had an affair with one of her servants, Walter Stirlings, and also got pregnant with his child. Stirling was dismissed from the duties and Princess Louise gave birth to a boy named Henry in 1866. Henry was not given any birth certificate and was adopted by another staff member Sir Fredrick Locock.



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