The Most Insanely Believable TV Show Conspiracies of All Time

7 avril 2020

Have you ever gotten intensely interested in a TV Show? We’ve all been there- when you’ve spent so long being invested in a TV Show that you start to feel as though the setting and characters are a part of your life, and you soon begin to notice some small, secret things about the show, which could be easter eggs that lead to wider conspiracies…


Unsurprisingly, some TV shows gain cult followings, and with this, comes interesting fan theories and conspiracies that gain traction and become larger than life. Sometimes, avid fans notice minute details about TV shows which start interesting conversations about what they could mean. These small theories can sometimes get much bigger than expected and turn into full-blown conspiracy theories! Here are the most bizarre, but crazily believable, TV show conspiracy theories out there. Do you think they’re true? 


Source: time.com

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