Ten Popular Facts About Irish Whiskey That You Must Know






Irish whiskey is something that has been synonymous with Irish culture for a very long time. It was a popular spirit of Scottish too in the 1800s but the Irish took over the market in no time and created something so unusual that made Ireland one of the best producers of whiskey in the world. The market grew substantially and today single pot still whiskey and Irish coffee are exclusive to Ireland. The smooth and spicy character of the single pot whiskey has made it famous all around the globe. Read on to find out some more interesting facts about Irish whiskey.






Whisky with an ‘e’ or without it

If you are confused with how to correctly spell whiskey in Ireland, then let us tell you that you need not use an ‘e’. The spelling was adopted by the Irish distillers to make them stand apart from the low-quality Scotch whisky. There is nothing wrong with using either of the spellings.





The Irish Coffee

The first Irish coffee was invented in the 1940s when a group of American passengers was visiting Ireland during bad wintertime.  Joe Sheridan, the head chef in Foynes, Limerick, added whiskey to their coffee and served it to them calling it the Irish coffee with the floating cream on top. 









Jameson Whiskey

John Jameson, the founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey was originally a Scottish. He was born in Scotland in 1740 and later moved to Dublin after marrying the sister of the Haig brothers. He then established the Bow Street Distillery which was later run by his sons. 






The Most Expensive Bottle

Do you how old is the most expensive bottle of Irish whiskey? It is 25 Year Old Pre Pot Still Whiskey that dates back to the 1800s. Produced at Nun’s Island Distillery in Galway, it can be bought from Arkwrights Whisky and Wines store in Wiltshire for £100,000.







Pot-Still Whiskey

This unique Irish style whiskey has a special fruit and spice characteristic and a creamy texture. Pot-still whiskey is prepared with a combination of malted and unmalted barley in mash bill before the fermentation process. It is then distilled in traditional copper pot stills.






The Great Dublin Whiskey Fire

A bonded whiskey warehouse in the Liberties caught fire in 1875 and rivers of burning whiskey was seen flowing through the streets of Dublin. 13 people were killed in the incident and around 1,900 barrels of whiskey were destroyed in the fire. 







The Haunted Spirit

If you are looking for some fun, then you mist visit the haunted Irish whiskey distilleries in Kilbeggan. Living TV’s Most Haunted show host Derek Acorah visited the place and claimed to have connected with the spirit of Matthew Mcmanus, the founder of the Kilbeggan Distillery in 1757 and his son John.







Jameson’s Motto

You might have seen this motto below the Jameson label’s symbol which reads, “Sine Metu”. It means “without fear” in English. The Jameson family was given this motto as an award for their bravery for battling the pirates in the 1500s. 







Jameson was Sold in Casks

Until 1968, Jameson wasn’t sold in bottles. You would have to buy a whole cask. Jameson did not bottle their whiskey until 1968 and offered their products only by the barrel. Well, it does help you stock up the whiskey but imagine carry the barrels to your apartments. 






Lady Gaga is a Fan

Who doesn’t love Irish whiskey? The triple-distilled smooth tasting drink is a favourite of many celebrities too. Apart from Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kevin Spacey, Lady Gaga confessed in an interview recently that she drinks a lot of whiskey. 

Which one is your favourite brand of whiskey and we hope that you have taken a tour of the Jameson distillery. If not, then you must plan a trip now. 


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