Ten Most Breathtaking Highways You Must Drive Through






Roads have their own charms and some of them are so beautiful that make your travel more enjoyable. Imagine driving on a road stretched to hundreds of kilometres with unusual terrains and spectacular scenery adding more adventure to your journey. You are no longer in a hurry to reach your destination and allow your heart to soak up all the scenic landscape around you. These highways are so beautiful and dangerous too that are sure to make your road trip memorable. Take a look!






Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

This beautiful road is sure to satisfy your thirst to enjoy all that nature’s beauty. The road is built by a group of islands that connects villages to one another. Also offering a glimpse of the ocean life, you will be greeted by whales and seals if you are lucky. 





Rohtang Pass, India

This pass is full of dangerous valleys, amazing greenery and hills all around. Come here in winter and you will see beautiful snow-capped mountains. One of the biggest tourist destinations, the pass is approximately 51 km long and is the high mountain area of east Pir Panjal Mountains of the Himalaya. This is also a favourite spot for many Bollywood movie shootings. 






Hana Highway in Maui

One of the most beautiful drives in the United States, this highway takes the drivers through lush tropical rainforest. With strong windy conditions and dangerous twists and turns, this is also one of the most harrowing drives. The road passes over 59 bridges and there are over 600 curves along the route. Wanna pack your bags now? 






The Scenic Highway 12 in Utah

You can pass many tourist destinations like Dixie National Forest, Anasazi State Park Museum and Kodachrome Basin State Park while driving on this highway. While it took around 4 decades to construct this highway, it connects the places between Capitol Reef National Parks and Bryce Canyon. 





The Overseas Highway in Florida

It is also called as the “Highway that goes into the sea”. Scary enough? This was built in the late 1930s and was partially destroyed in 1935 by a hurricane. Restored later, this highway gives you a gorgeous view of the glittering ocean. Take this route to witness a beautiful sunset!





The Cabot Trail in Canada

Covered alongside with dense green forests, it becomes all the more beautiful during the fall when the leaves turn yellow and orange. This route is also lined with plenty of restaurants, galleries and museums. It is a 185-mile drive with curves around the Northern edge of Cape Breton. 








Ruta 40, Salta, Argentina

This road offers a cool, mountainous and a huge variety of landscapes and runs parallel to the massive Andes Mountains. A popular destination for adventure tourists, Ruta 40 is one of the largest highways in the world, crossing 40 national parks, dozens of rivers and mountain passes. Picturesque!










Trollstigen Road, Norway

Trollstigen Road – which literally means “troll ladder” is a serpentine shaped road. This steep, winding road with a waterfall on the top connects a town to a small village and is a popular tourist destination. There is also a car park at the top to stop and enjoy the scenic beauty. 






The Blue Ridge Parkway in Appalachia

Considered one of the most beautiful drives in the US, it encompasses spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful rivers and creeks. It runs for 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina and the southernmost part of the highway ends at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Pack your bags, some food and water and drive through this gorgeous route to enjoy. 






Col de l’Iseran, France

It is a spectacular part of the larger Road of the Alps and is the highest paved pass. Connecting two valleys, it includes galleries and tunnels. You will also find waterfalls and other scenic beauty around. The sights here are sure to make your journey memorable. 


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