Relatable Films You Have To Watch If You’ve Just Been Fired

7 avril 2020

There’s nothing nice about being fired. Even if you hated your job, there’s no misery quite like the pain of being brought into your boss’s office and told that there’s nothing for you there anymore. Anyone who’s had the experience of having to walk to their desk and clear up their stuff will know how utterly humiliating and frustrating it feels, and man, we really, really empathise if it’s just happened to you.

One silver lining that does come with being fired, however, is that it’s a fantastic excuse to laze around your house for a few days and mope about what a horrible turn your life has taken. If you want some pick-me-ups to ease the pain, here are some of the best movies out there that are all about being laid off. Some of them will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and all of them will have a secret message for you to relate to if you search hard enough. Afterwards, dust yourself off and start applying for jobs again- you’ll be inspired, we promise. 


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