President Donald Trump Tried His Best To Remove These Shocking Pictures- Find Out The Reason Why

7 avril 2020

Donald Trump has been by far the most controversial President we have seen. He is constantly in the media and has received overwhelming hatred from his own people and all over the world. He is one of the most disliked people in the world and his life and presidency have been embroiled in controversy. He is not one to ignore this hatred either, by calling out certain political figures and media companies who have expressed their negative opinions of him. Constant revelations and stories have come out about the president about his past, with none being positive. He claims that there is a public witch-hunt against him, due to the backlash of his presidency. He has certainly had his fair share of controversy in his life and sadly for him, these have been captured on camera to his disliking. He really doesn’t want these photos going around the internet. Here are the most shocking images throughout his life that you won’t believe are real!

Source: soolide.com

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