Photographer Travels The World Snapping Photos of Man’s Best Friend With Stunning Results- These Pictures Will Make You Tear Up

6 avril 2020

All across the world, humans have one thing in common- dogs are a man’s best friend. From pet pooches in America to working hounds in the Arctic, humans and dogs have a deep and loving bond that simply cannot be broken. 

After travelling around the world for over 40 years, paramedic and photographer Chris Porsz from Peterborough in the UK decided to document his travels through a series of pictures of the dogs that he met along the way. From street dogs to beloved pets, big and small, Chris saw the world through its love of, and reliance on, man’s best friend. In a stunning book entitled Barking!, Chris took his photography to the next level and published it, showing the shared love of dogs we have all across the world. Barking! shows us the best, most wholesome parts of the dog world, and shows us, through every page, why dogs are one of the world’s most loved animals. Here are some of the best bits from the book, which will make you laugh, gasp and cry. Sometimes all at once.

Source: fishki.net

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