Parents Prove That They’re Way Cooler Than Their Kids In These Epic Throwback Photos

7 avril 2020

Sometimes it might feel that your parents exist solely to embarrass you with their fussing, nagging and lame jokes. Because of this, it can be all the more shocking when you realise that your parents actually had a life before they were just “Mom and Dad” and… wait for it… they may have been surprisingly cool!

These amazing throwback pictures are edgy, funny and badass all at once, and show the former popular teenagers who are now parents, proving from images that they were definitely cooler than you back in their day! We gotta say, we’re pretty impressed and we think you will be too! Click Next to find out more.

She Was A Skater Girl

Source: wired.com

How many of you can say that your mom used to be an amazing freestyle skateboarder? Not many, I assume! This mom is showing off her sick skateboarding tricks that she used to do back in the day, wowing audiences all across the skatepark and beyond. We wonder if she could still do any cool tricks, or teach or some tips? God knows we could do with them! Click next to see the world’s most fashionable father…

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