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Incredible Photos From Burning Man Festival That Will Make You Wish You Were There

6 avril 2020

Is there anything better than festival season? Festivals are a place of music, dancing, freedom and friendships which replenish the soul and give people a break from the everyday stresses of normal life. One of the best festivals in the world has to be Burning Man, which is held in the Nevada Desert in the last week of August every year. 

Burning Man is one of the USA’s oldest festivals, and has been in operation for over 30 years, first staring in 1986. The first Burning Man was organised as a small function in San Francisco by Larry Harvey and Jerry James and has since grown huge, attracting massive crowds of around 70,000 people every year. Burning Man’s ethos is all about inclusion, responsibility and artistic self-expression, and is often described as a Bohemian’s playground, where people of all beliefs, races, classes and abilities travel to in order to let go and be themselves fully. Here are some of the most incredible photographs taken from the event over the years, which will make you want to book a ticket and be free in the desert for a few days yourself! 



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