Incredible Backstage Photos From The 1970s Will Make You Think You Were Born in The Wrong Decade





How amazing would it be to get a time machine and be able to go back to the 1970s? The ‘70s were an incredible time in the world of mainstream pop culture, with disco, rock, folk and punk music all gaining massive commercial success to create a melting pot of music to dance, sing and party to. As well as this, fashion was becoming highly creative and people dressed in amazingly outlandish outfits to express themselves. It was a decade of freedom, fun and creativity that produced some of the most amazing pop culture moments of the century! 

Unsurprisingly, with all of this going on in modern society, the world of celebrity was expanding, too. As music became a new religion, musical legends like Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan became party-goer’s gods and were surrounded by a constant media frenzy. Here is a sneak peek into the backstage life of some of the most famous faces of the 1970s, which will make you envious of all the people who got to live, and party, through this decade with them. 



Liquid Confidence Before The Show

Nothing screams Rock N’ Roll quite like this image of Jimmy Page drinking whiskey straight from the bottle right before going out on stage to perform for a massive crowd. Jimmy was the founder and guitarist of Led Zepplin, who was one of the biggest rock bands in the world in the 1970s. We’re sure a little liquid confidence was needed before taking to a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans.











Abba on SNL

Oh, what we’d give to be a fly on the wall in this dressing room! This gorgeous photograph shows Agnetha and Anni-Frid from Abba in the dressing room of the USA’s Saturday Night Live. Amazingly, Abba was one of the first non-English speaking groups to ever perform on SNL, and their performance went down a treat with audiences. 













Killing Time

Queen was always known for their larger-than-life and extravagant performances, so it seems crazy to see such a relaxed scene from them in this photo! This quirky backstage photo shows the band killing some time backstage, looking bored in a pretty basic dressing room. Freddy Mercury is looking particularly bored here- we wonder what was going on in his head… 







Frontwomen of Dreams

Name a more iconic trio… we’ll wait! This incredible image shows Joan Jett and Lita Ford of The Runaways having a well-deserved drink backstage with Debbie Harry from Blondie. Lita, Joan and Debbie were arguably the most important female musicians of the 1970s and paved the way for female rockstars across the world. Girl Power to the max.






A Star-Studded Dressing Room

This photograph is the OG “Oscars Selfie,” boasting an extremely star-studded handful of visitors all crammed into the one dressing room! This amazing photograph shows David Blue, Lainie Kazan, Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Sally Kirkland, Ronee Blakley, and Martine Getty hanging out backstage before Ronee’s concert in 1976. Can we go back in time,  please? 







Before The Paint Goes On

What better way to unwind before a big show than with a few beers and your crew? This photograph shows the iconic band, Kiss, before going on stage in the mid-1970s. The band are almost unrecognisable here, known mostly for wearing heavy black and white face paint that covered their entire faces.






Ozzy Getting Hyped Backstage

Nobody personifies the craziness and party lifestyle of the 1970s quite like Ozzy Osbourne, the wild frontman and vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Even after playing a show, the frontman was full of energy and madness as can be seen from the above photo as he poses and dances for cameras backstage. We’ll be honest, we wouldn’t have been able to keep up! 








Before The Fame

You may not recognise the boy in this photograph, but it’s Michael Jackson before he shot to fame! This amazing photograph shows a very young Michael preparing for a performance with The Jackson 5 before he became the world-renowned famous singer that he’s known as today. How interesting is it so see how young he was at the start of his music career? Little did he know, these smaller performances would soon determine the rest of his life…















Getting Ready

The 1970s were a massive time of success for David Bowie, whose experimentation with music, fashion and alter-egos made him one of the most famous musicians in the world at the time. This photograph shows the star being sewn into one of his many incredible costumes by an assistant and his ex-wife, Angie Bowie. It’s the behind-the-scenes footage that we never got to see back then! 




















Call The Makeup Artist                       

Nowadays it seems as though every famous musician and celebrity out there has a professional makeup artist to beautify them, but this wasn’t always the case! Here we can see Freddy Mercury doing his own stage makeup alone, carefully applying eyeliner to enhance his eyes. This candid photo was taken in his dressing room before a show in the USA in 1977.

Can you imagine being around while all of this was happening in the 1970s? This decade was an amazing time in pop culture, where creativity, innovation and freedom reigned. Oh, how we wish we could go back.


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