Flying Has Changed Considerably Since The "Golden Age"- Take A Look At What It Used To Be Like






The way we fly has changed drastically since the first aeroplanes were invented and took to the sky.  Almost everything about the plane has changed, from the interior to the stewardesses to space. There is barely any room to swing a cat on planes these days with legroom to the bare minimum and baggage allowances strict. We have become used to this as well as crowded airports, packed planes and delayed flights, but this wasn’t always the case. In what is regarded as “The Golden Age Of Air Travel” the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s are regarded as the best there ever was for so many reasons. The entire journey was a completely different atmosphere that sounds so much better than nowadays, can we go back in time? You need to see what the “Golden Age” was really like, this will blow your mind.






Requirements For Stewardesses

The requirement for stewardesses was a lot different from what it is nowadays. They included good looking women who had to be able to wear high heels when walking on the job and they had to be in good shape and under 125 pounds. They also had to be single and maintain high moral standards. The food back then was incredible, look at this.








The food served on places during this stage was levels about the sandwiches and paninis you get nowadays that you wouldn’t give to the dog. There were proper meals cooked where a waiter would take your order. There was even a cocktail hour every hour for first-class passengers. You won’t believe this next one.









The founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner had his own private jet called “Big Bunny” where he would throw parties full of drink and women. It could carry up to 135 passengers that included luxury beds, a shower and a dancefloor with a bar. You won’t believe what first class used to be like.







First Class

The first class back then puts the first class now to shame, they had collapsible beds, a crazy amount of space and food and drinks on command. There was even live entertainment as well as a bar. The seats were as luxurious as they come to give ultimate comfort. You need to see the amount of space they had.








The space that they had back then was something that we can only dream of as our space is getting smaller and smaller on planes with no room to move. There was only 8 seats across the width of the plane, which left room for bigger aisles for the attendants to come down with their carriages and also more legroom. Take a look at the entertainment they had.






Entertainment was provided on every flight to first-class passengers with music, books, magazines and board games to play while on your journey. You have to provide your own form of entertainment of flights nowadays unless you are lucky to get a screen on a long flight. Find out who was flying on these planes next.







Due to the luxury that these planes offered, it was usually only the wealthy people who would fly on aeroplanes as they were the only ones able to afford it. The plane journey was nicer than most restaurants with each passenger having their own attendant at their service for food and drink. The dress code was crazy.








Dress Code

The dress code for the stewardesses was quite strict as they were supposed to stand out from the passengers. They would wear clothes that would leave a lot to the imagination. There was even a dress code for passengers as they were supposed to be dressed glamorously and would even be turned away if underdressed. Take a look inside the plane.








The interior of the plane was very different to what we have nowadays. There was even a bar and lounge on the plane for people to socialise away from their seats in a more comfortable zone. There were couches, mirrors and carpet flooring, which tops anything that we have today. Check out what the first planes were like.



Early Planes

Although the golden age only took off in the late ‘40s and ‘50s, they weren’t always as luxurious as they appear. Planes in the ‘30s would struggle with really bad turbulence, with the planes not even weatherproof. It was only with the technological advancement from World War II that they really started to boom.

The difference of flying back then compared to now is insane, we really wish we could have experienced the Golden Age, but we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it. These photos are incredible and show a completely different way of living than we are used to and it is unlikely we will see it again.


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