Final Photos of The Romanovs Revealed Will Shock and Amaze You


The Romanov Family was a ruling class family that ruled over Russia from 1613 to 1917. By the end of the Romanov family’s ruling, tension and anger had been brewing in the country, leading to the entire family being executed as a way of getting them off the throne. The last family of the Romanovs consisted of Emperor Nicholas II, his wife Empress Alexandra and their five children; Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei, all of whom were victims of this terrifying execution. 

Before the Romanovs were killed, they were kidnapped and brought to a work camp where they were forced to slave away and were subject to terrible treatment and abuse. According to reports, on the day of the slaughter, the family were shot and bayoneted to death before their bodies were stripped, mutilated and buried in the Russian forest of Koptyaki. Horrifyingly, some of their bodies were only discovered in 1979 and the rest in 2007. Nowadays, the controversy surrounding the family’s final moments often takes over from what their life was like before they were killed. Here we will take a deep dive into some of the rarest moments and final photographs of the Romanovs, giving an interesting insight into the lives of one of Russia’s most divisive former ruling families before their tragic deaths.









Wedding Bells

This incredible photograph shows the Emperor and Empress on their wedding day which took place on November 26, 1894, at the Grand Church of the Winter Palace. Interestingly, just days before the wedding a family member of the new couple died, so the pair did not celebrate with a reception or honeymoon, out of respect and mourning for the dead. 








Visiting the Soldiers

This interesting photograph shows some of the Romanov family members visiting Russian troops during World War I. Interestingly, Emperor Nicholas II often commanded troops on the frontline, while the women in the family sometimes helped entertain and nurse the soldiers to keep morale high. People were somewhat dubious about the family’s involvement in the war, as Nicholas was reported to have taken on an authoritarian stance in regards to ruling. 










Formal Photograph

This family photo of the Romanovs really shows how wealthy they were, and what an extravagant life they led. Not only is the whole family dressed in beautifully made clothes, but the room that they’re sat in looks extremely luxurious with its huge curtains and massive windows. Throughout their rule, the family were the epitome of the high profile ruling class.












Haunting Heads

This chilling photograph shows the five Romanov children in 1917, after fighting a bout of measles. The children recovered from this disease fully, but all of them lost their hair in the process. How bizarre does this photograph look, showing the five of them looking shaken, miserable and ill despite their recovery?









The Family Portrait

This photograph shows the five Romanov children posing for a photograph with their father the Emperor. The image paints the picture of the perfect family in beautiful clothing, totally unaware of what was about to happen to them. It’s chilling to see how young the kids were, and what horrors they must have experienced before being killed. 








The Final Photograph

This haunting photograph is thought to be the last one that was ever taken of the Romanov family and shows the clan sitting together in Tobolsk, where they were held captive for a long time before they were all executed. This photograph clearly shows the family’s fall from grace as they are dressed in plain clothes and look extremely worn out and shaken. 





The Romanov Children Close Up

Here are the five Romanov children pictured together in a formal family portrait. The children were absolutely beautiful, and their good looks were often commented on during the family’s time ruling Russia. This image shows the wealth that the family exuded during their time in power. Not only are all children dressed in fine clothes, but each of the girls has a chain of pearls around her neck. The luxury is obvious.








Walking the Grounds

This photograph shows Empress Alexandra walking around the palace grounds with her daughter Tatiana. According to reports, the pair were extremely close and Tatiana was said to be her mother’s favourite daughter. During her lifetime, Tatiana was also known as the public’s favourite Romanov girl for her personality and good looks. 









Networking in Style 

As rulers of Russia, the Romanov family acted as representatives of the state and would travel to meet other state representatives, sometimes in luxurious settings. This photograph shows the Emperor and Empress aboard a yacht, networking with other high profile rulers. These meetings were often extremely luxurious and showed the family’s massive wealth. 







The Work Camp

This harrowing photograph shows the former Emperor with his son Alexei working at Tobolsk, where they were sent to before their brutal execution. During their exile here, the family’s privileged lifestyle was swapped for a life of hard manual labour. This is obvious from the image above, which depicts the Emperor and his son manually chopping wood for the area. The work must have been back-breaking, especially in the harsh Russian winter.

The story of the Romanovs’ tragic demise and brutal murder shocked people across the world and continues to shock and horrify to this day. The family now stands as a symbol as what it looks like to fall from grace, and how the tables can turn to result in horror and tragedy. 




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