Celebs Who Have Famously Feuded With Jimmy Fallon- Some of These Celebs Hate Him

8 avril 2020

Jimmy Fallon is one of America’s most universally loved and famous talk-show hosts. As well as previously hosting Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Fallon has been presenting the channel’s iconic The Tonight Show since 2014, making him a national treasure and regular face on mainstream American TV. Alongside his job being a presenter, Fallon has dipped in and out of a range of different careers within Hollywood, previously working as a comedian, actor, writer and producer before landing his presenting job. 

As the host of The Tonight Show, Fallon interviews a range of different celebrities including famous actors, singers, musicians, influencers and models to name a few. This has made him quite close with a number of high profile faces in the Entertainment Industry, but has also made him an enemy of some. In comedy, as you probably know, people can get offended, and this has certainly happened in response to Fallon in the past. While most people love him, there are a few that feel quite the opposite-and many of these people are extremely famous. You won’t believe what celebrities hate Jimmy Fallon, and the tumultuous relationship they’ve had with him. Read on to find out. 


Source: usatoday.com

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