A Sneak Peek into The Shocking Love Life of Melanie Griffith Over the Years

7 avril 2020

As well as being known for her successful acting career, Melanie Griffith is infamous for her tumultuous and highly public love life, which has taken place in the media’s overlooking eye throughout the years. After beginning her career in Hollywood in the 1970s, Griffith rose to huge commercial fame in the mid-1980s after starring in a string of highly successful films and movies. 

One of the reasons why Melanie Griffith has stayed famous for long is because of her extraordinarily interesting personal life that has leaked its way into public media time and time again over the years. As well as publicly battling with alcohol and drug addictions over the years, Griffith is infamous for her many relationships to high profile Hollywood men like Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas. Here we will give a rundown of the actress’ incredibly interesting life and somewhat tragic life, delving deep into her unconventional love life over the years, and trying to pinpoint what went wrong.

Source: foxnews.com

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