A Rare Sneak Peek Into The Exclusive and Insane Party Life of New York’s Most Notorious Nightclub





There are very few decades that were quite as influential as the 70s, especially in America. This decade was a time of intense social change characterised by economic inflation, the acceleration of women’s rights movements, creative self-expression and the birth of disco. People in the 70s felt freer than they ever had before and celebrated this with wild parties, all-night dancing and shockingly provocative antics. One place that this feeling was palpable was in New York City, the home of expression and individualism.

No place held the feeling of this debaucherous decade more than Studio 54, New York’s most exclusive nightclub at the time. Despite only staying open for three years, the club was home to the most lavish parties, illegal activities and luxurious displays of extravagance. Sex, drugs and rock and roll were rife in this club. Studio 54’s wild antics and high-profile celebrity guests always drew massive crowds of people begging to be let in its doors, with the vast majority being refused on the spot. This was a club you had to be on the guestlist for, and getting on the guestlist was next to impossible. Many people never even got a glimpse inside this infamous club, but we’re here to give you an exclusive sneak peek of some of the wildest times in Studio 54 through photos. You’ll wish you could have been there! 




Bianca Jagger’s Birthday

If you think your birthday weekend plans are a little too extra, get on Bianca Jagger’s level! The former actress and human rights activist was a regular in Studio 54, so it made sense that she would celebrate her birthday here. To everyone’s surprise and amazement, she entered the club on the back of a white horse! It’s her birthday, and she’ll ride a horse into a nightclub if she wants to…






Bowie’s Playground

At the height of his fame in the 1970s, David Bowie was a popular guest to Studio 54. Looking swish in a fitted suit and slicked-back hair, the influential artist is seen here with Romy Haag, dutch dancer, singer and fellow party-goer. Bowie was known for his wild partying, so we’re sure he felt right at home inside the walls of the crazy Studio 54. 







Disco Sally’s Dancemoves

Disco Sally was one of Studio 54’s most iconic visitors and was an elderly woman who attended the nightclub regularly. Sally was a witty and much-loved club reveller who was often known as “the grandma of NYC nightlife.” Interestingly, she was also an attorney and Studio 54 was her safe haven for blowing off steam.








Tremendous Trio   

If you wanted to rub shoulders with some famous faces, Studio 54 was the place to be! This amazing picture shows three of the 70s’ most famous performers; Elton John, Diana Ross and Cher hanging out at the iconic spot. We’re utterly obsessed with their outfits- if only we were able to wear diamonds, feathers and glitter to our own personal celebrity hot spot!










Grace Jones’ Paradise

For someone as eccentric as Grace Jones, Studio 54 was the perfect place to express individuality in the most creative way possible. Grace often attended the nightclub and was known for the amazing costumes she wore which is obvious from the image above. Never one to fear standing out, Jones was known for baring skin and dancing crazily while on the dancefloor. 






Name a More Iconic Duo 

This photo, taken from the DJ booth of Studio 54, shows designer Calvin Klein protectively holding an arm around his favourite model and friend, Brooke Shields. The pair often collaborated, with Shields starring in his provocative underwear ads from the early 1980s right up until the present day. The pair are still friends now even after 37 years. 






Crazy Costumes

Because the club was so exclusive, people who weren’t famous would do almost anything in an attempt to get in. One of these things was to dress up in the craziest costumes possible. Above is a great example of this- this lucky guy got into the club after dressing as a giant disco ball wearing a suit. We love his costume, but how’s he going to see inside the club with all those mirrors on his face?








Warhol and Divine

Andy Warhol was an art legend, and drag queen Divine was a drag legend, so it only makes sense that the pair would hang out together in Studio 54. This brilliant photograph shows the pair laughing together, probably acting as the life and soul of the party happening at the club. It was reported that Warhol often photographed Divine’s looks for his own photography collection, and the pair were great friends as well as collaborative partners.








The Queue of The Decade

This massive crowd waiting to get into Studio 54 shows just how difficult it could be to get into this exclusive club. While many celebrities were able to skip to the front and get into the club via the guestlist, normal revellers had to wait for a long time in queues despite not even being guaranteed to get in! Interestingly, even some celebs were rejected at the door-having been rejected at the door of this iconic club, Nile Rodgers was inspired to write the now-famous song Le Freak.








Rockstars Were Welcome

What better place for a bunch of rockstars to party than one of the craziest nightclubs in the world? This photo shows The Rolling Stones having a quick sit-down and drink before taking to the dancefloor. Unsurprisingly, The Rolling Stones were regular customers in Studio 54, dancing and drinking ‘til dawn with their fellow celebs and artists.


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