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Ten Hilarious Signboards That Will Leave You Laughing Your Heart Out

We often come across a variety of signs on the roadside, shops and other public areas and wonder who comes up with such hilarious and creative signboards. A well-placed and well-thought signboard is all you need to get your message across. While sometimes, you would see a signboard at a shop that is sure to attract to you take a peek into the store, there are intelligent signboards to help avert accidents. Some are nonsensical also but they are all funny. From paying the bartender to keep you safe from your wife while you get drunk, to a road sign for drunken people crossing, these signs are so hilarious that you would definitely stop by to catch a glimpse. Here is a compilation of the funniest sign boards we came across on the internet that left us into splits. 


These Photographs From the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Will Crack You Up

Photographs captured at the right time is very important but for wildlife photographers, being present at the right place is also very crucial. Risking their lives and battling the weather conditions, they click some of the greatest wonders of nature. These pictures included in the list of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards give us a peek of how funny nature can get sometimes. From laughing zebras to squirrel making a wish, our hearts just melt looking at these adorable and funny photographs from the animal kingdom. 

Get your dose of comic relief for the day here.

These Are The Best Songs Of All Time- Find Out What They Are

Music is one of the biggest joys in life, and it is suitable for any occasion. There is a song for every emotion, every situation and every event. To put it simply, we couldn’t live without music. There is not a person in the world who dislikes music l, it is a certain release from reality that we crave through the lyrics and music being played to us. We all have our favourite artists and specific music taste, but no matter what they are, there are some songs that everybody likes. Although there are billions of songs and everyone has different tastes, the same songs always pop up as the “best”. These songs are classics, and no matter how old they get, they will always be just as relevant, and just as good, as when they were originally released. So without further ado, here are the greatest songs of all time, and don’t even try to debate us.


You Won’t Believe What These Homeowners Did When They Were Asked To Move Out

While we save money all our lives to invest in a property and we all have been planning so many things to put up in our dream house. While it’s not only about the money and energy that you put into building a home for your family, there is an emotional attachment too. Seeing your kids grow up in that house, spending some time with your loved ones, a home is a place where we all want to go back after our day’s work. Giving it up for any amount of money is a difficult decision. Here is a list of owners who did everything possible in their power to keep their houses and even ended up fighting long legal battles. While some of these stories are inspiring and heart-touching, some are totally weird. Read on.

Ten Major Costume Mistakes That Will make Your Look Twice

Authenticity is what the audience looks for and attention to detail becomes very important when you are making a big budget movie or film that has a historical set up. Dresses play a very important part when it comes to giving shape to how a character would come alive on the screen. Minor slip-ups are acceptable in a work of fiction but when glaring mistakes happened, it makes us wonder who did not take their history lessons properly, the director, the writer or the costume department. Take a look at these big budget Hollywood flicks that were a huge success but could not escape the costume disaster that the audience couldn’t help but notice. 


Celebs Who Have Famously Feuded With Jimmy Fallon- Some of These Celebs Hate Him

Jimmy Fallon is one of America’s most universally loved and famous talk-show hosts. As well as previously hosting Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Fallon has been presenting the channel’s iconic The Tonight Show since 2014, making him a national treasure and regular face on mainstream American TV. Alongside his job being a presenter, Fallon has dipped in and out of a range of different careers within Hollywood, previously working as a comedian, actor, writer and producer before landing his presenting job. 

As the host of The Tonight Show, Fallon interviews a range of different celebrities including famous actors, singers, musicians, influencers and models to name a few. This has made him quite close with a number of high profile faces in the Entertainment Industry, but has also made him an enemy of some. In comedy, as you probably know, people can get offended, and this has certainly happened in response to Fallon in the past. While most people love him, there are a few that feel quite the opposite-and many of these people are extremely famous. You won’t believe what celebrities hate Jimmy Fallon, and the tumultuous relationship they’ve had with him. Read on to find out. 


You Will Never Believe The Real Life Superpowers That These Tribes Have

If you could, would you choose to have superpowers? With the popularity of superhero and sci-fi movies in recent years, many kids and adults alike dream of what life would be like as a superhero with amazing, otherworldly powers. Whether it’s the power of amazing strength, the ability to become invisible, or the chance to fly, almost everyone has dreamed of being able to achieve things that are far outside the limitations of the human body.

It may shock you, but some people on earth do actually possess super-hero like abilities. Unbeknownst to many, there are many hidden, secretive tribes and communities scattered across the world who have the ability to do things that an average human being could only dream of. From amazing, bird-like communication, to underwater hunting powers that would rival some of the sea’s best predators, here are a few of the amazing people who possess otherworldly, super-hero like abilities. What’s more amazing still is that most of the world doesn’t know about these people or their mind-blowing talents. Read on to find out more…

Ten Most Mysterious Things People Found on the Sea Shore

Oceans are mysterious and it leaves all the more curious when it throws out several peculiar things once in a while. From weird skulls to shipwrecks, strangest things have been spotted on the beach thrown out by the ocean. Take a look at the weirdest ones that left us wondering where did that land up from!


These are the Ten Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Watching the world from the sky and seeing new places is something we all love. But flying at height is not always a great experience, especially when the take-offs and landings are nothing more than a death-defying stunt. Here’s a list of the most dangerous airports in the world. So, think before you plan a trip to these places. It could be a gut-churning experience. 


You Won’t Believe These Insane Facts About Being Drunk

For the most part, consuming alcohol in moderation is harmless, and can act as a tonic to a great night out. Many of us regularly consume alcohol, with most people drinking as they say it helps them to have a more enhanced night out and gives them the confidence to dance with and talk to more people than they would if they were sober.

Despite its popularity, many people are ill-informed about alcohol and its effects, especially on what the consequences of being drunk can be. While getting drunk once in a while can be enjoyable, over time this habit can cause a lot of harm and put you, and the others that you’re drinking with, in danger. Here are some of the most unbelievable, crazy facts about alcohol and being drunk that will make you think differently about alcohol forevermore.

Insane Before and After Pics of Places That Will Shock You

If you look back at old photos of places it can give you an amazing insight into what life was like before we were on the Earth. Some of the most modern metropolitan areas started off as old dust roads and abandoned fields! Amazingly, as humanity has grown and modernised, we have changed our landscape beyond recognition. Places that were once rich in natural landscapes are now heavily industrialised cities that boast massive populations of people. 


If you looked back on an old photo of your town or city, would you recognise it? Here we have put together a compilation of some of the most famous and recognisable places on Earth that used to look so much different. See if you’re able to guess where they are! 


These Hilarious Photos Show Terrible Parkers Getting Punished In The Most Creative Of Ways

Parking can be difficult at times, especially parallel parking. But laziness and a general lack of consideration for other drivers are not accepted in society, and these photos show it. Get ready to laugh out loud at what these drivers did too terrible parkers. No.5 is amazing!

Check Out These Hilarious Boat Names That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Buying a boat can open up so many new opportunities for you. It is seen as a getaway from the everyday life and a release from your problems. Cruising out into the ocean is one of the most euphoric experiences there is. It is a unique isolation and setting that those who take it, cherish it. Boats have always been a favoured buy for homeowners looking for something different, a new environment to have. It is almost like having a holiday house … in the sea. Family boat trips are an integral American and worldwide tradition that is supposedly the formal bonding between father and son. Boats are generally used for fishing, others just use for leisure. There are so many things you can do with your boat, you are free to go out into the ocean and do as you please in your own comfort. Of course picking the right boat and model to suit your needs is a big deal when investing in the water cruisers. This is a perfect opportunity to add your own touch to it and really make it your own. Some owners decided to go down the humoress route with their customization, leading to hilarious end products. Take a look at some of the funniest names given to boats. 


President Donald Trump Tried His Best To Remove These Shocking Pictures- Find Out The Reason Why

Donald Trump has been by far the most controversial President we have seen. He is constantly in the media and has received overwhelming hatred from his own people and all over the world. He is one of the most disliked people in the world and his life and presidency have been embroiled in controversy. He is not one to ignore this hatred either, by calling out certain political figures and media companies who have expressed their negative opinions of him. Constant revelations and stories have come out about the president about his past, with none being positive. He claims that there is a public witch-hunt against him, due to the backlash of his presidency. He has certainly had his fair share of controversy in his life and sadly for him, these have been captured on camera to his disliking. He really doesn’t want these photos going around the internet. Here are the most shocking images throughout his life that you won’t believe are real!

You Would Never Guess The Hidden Meanings Behind These Royals’ Outfits

The Royal Family are arguably the most influential family in the world, so it’s no surprise that the clothes they wear often have a massive impact on the fashion industry as a whole. Take a look at the style choices of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, for example- no matter what dress she wears, it usually sells out within minutes and sets the designer up for a very successful future! Amazingly, this has been dubbed the “the Kate Middleton Effect”, and almost guarantees the success of any designer whose clothes she wears. 

What many people don’t realise is that the Royal Family’s outfits are often very well thought out and sometimes convey hidden meanings. These outfits are as symbolic as they are stylish, even though the general public may not notice this at first. Here we will go through some of the Royal Family’s most iconic outfits and explain the secret hidden meanings hidden behind the clothes that you may not have known about. You won’t believe the subtle signs and symbols that a simple dress or piece of jewellery can show- some of the reasons behind these outfits may shock you!


Animals With Crazily Long Lifespans- Some May Even Be Immortal

We, humans, live pretty long lives, but did you know that some animals beat us by a long shot? Some animals can live for centuries, with others speculated to be immortal! You’ll be shocked when you see some of these animals and learn how long their lifespan is… Read on to find out more.

These Traditions are Dying Out Because of Millenials- Do You Agree?

Millennials have gotten a controversial reputation for themselves in recent years, becoming known as the generation who are ditching old traditions in favour of new, liberal ways of thinking. Alongside this, they are being branded as a generation who are more interested in their smartphones than in human contact, get easily offended by almost everything and feel entitled to a lavish life by doing the minimum amount of work possible. Despite this popular image of Millenials, it couldn’t be more inaccurate. 

The millennial generation are (for the most part) a group of passionate, empathetic and pro-active young people who are navigating their way through a pretty scary world. They are some of the first generations to be faced first-hand with the effects of climate change and financial instability- all caused by the generations before them. In an attempt to fight these dangerous changes, they are protesting, fighting and taking to social media to make their voices heard. As they are making their way in the world, they are also ditching some previously accepted traditions while they do it. Here are some of the once-popular things that Millenials are ditching, some for the better and some for the worse.


You Will Be Shocked When You Learn Which Celebrities Are Terrible Tippers- We Didn’t Expect Number 5!

You would assume with the amount of money that celebrities make, they would be generous with their tips. This is the case for a large amount of the celebrity community, but there are a few giving them a bad name. These celebrities are known to be cheap and leaving little to no tips in restaurants. Tipping is one of the most important restaurant etiquettes in America, as waiters and waitresses rely on them for a living. Due to so many staff being on minimum wage, tips are heavily relied on in businesses for a standard rate of living. Tips can differ from day to day depending on the level of customers entering the premises on different days. The standard tip offering is generally 10% of your order.  When a celebrity walks through the door, they are given the utmost attention and treated like royalty. Due to this special treatment, decent tips are expected, but sadly, certain celebrities don’t abide by this. Some of the A-list celebrities who you would never expect to be bad tippers are, and you are going to be shocked when you see some of these names. Find out who the cheapest celebrities are.

You’ll Never Look At Eminem The Same Again After Hearing About His Childhood

The “Rap God” Eminem is the biggest rapper of all time. He has sold more records and won more awards than anyone. He has sold 230 million records worldwide and has 16 Grammy awards. He has also produced 9 number one albums. He even bagged himself an Oscar for the best original song “Lose Yourself” on the film “8 Mile”, which he starred in himself. He has seen and done everything with some of the biggest albums and songs of all time. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in 1972 in his hometown of Detroit. His rapper name comes from his own initials put together(M&M). Much of his early life is discussed throughout his songs if you listen closely, but some are not discussed. You wouldn’t think that the greatest rapper of all-time was just a small kid who used to get beat up regularly and lived in a trailer park. You won’t believe the stories from his childhood. Take a look at some of these, you’ll never look at Eminem the same again. 


Parents Prove That They’re Way Cooler Than Their Kids In These Epic Throwback Photos

Sometimes it might feel that your parents exist solely to embarrass you with their fussing, nagging and lame jokes. Because of this, it can be all the more shocking when you realise that your parents actually had a life before they were just “Mom and Dad” and… wait for it… they may have been surprisingly cool!

These amazing throwback pictures are edgy, funny and badass all at once, and show the former popular teenagers who are now parents, proving from images that they were definitely cooler than you back in their day! We gotta say, we’re pretty impressed and we think you will be too! Click Next to find out more.

The World’s Most Haunted Travel Spots- Would You Be Brave Enough To Visit?

Most people travel to experience new cultures, get a suntan and eat and drink new foods. There is a new emerging trend in travel, however, and it is known as “dark tourism.” These unconventional tourists travel to places to experience their dark past and get delights out of the more sinister side of things. As a nod to dark tourists, and potential dark tourists, we have compiled a creepy list of the most terrifying haunted places to visit across the world. From haunted asylums to terrifying old houses, this list contains some of the most sinister paranormal areas in the world. Would you be brave enough to visit?


You Won’t Believe The Height Of These Famous Stunning Celebrity Women- Number 6 Is Crazy!

Celebrities depend on their looks quite a lot and how they are dressed and done up on the red carpet for premieres or social outings. They are judged by how they look from hair to makeup to shoes to dresses, with every bit of analysis carried out on their look to write about and tell the world due to their popularity and influence as people want to look like them. It is almost impossible for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé to go out in public without their looks being over analyzed, especially when they hit the red carpet with every magazine outlet and fashion page blowing up. One thing that is rarely discussed about these incredible women is their height, due to it always deceiving us from the high heels that they wear. It is very rare that we see celebrities at their natural height or hear any discussion about it. The average height of a woman is 5 feet and 4 inches. You are going to be shocked when you see the height of some of your favourite celebrity women, wow she’s tall!

Shocking Things That Donald Trump Has Actually Said

There has never been a more controversial and divisive President of the United States than President Donald Trump. Born in 1946, the President shot to fame as a privileged businessman, TV Personality and entrepreneur who was elected to office in 2016 despite having no previous political experience.

During his time in the White House, the President has said and done some outrageous things both in-person and online that has seen him be criticised for being too quick to speak without thinking. From his random outbursts at public rallies to his nonsensical tweets, the President has become something of a meme in modern pop culture. Because of his outbursts, Trump is often branded as irrational, uninformed and stupid for the things that he says which have been offensive, inflammatory and downright deranged. Here we’ve rounded up some of the President’s craziest quotes for your enjoyment. Some of them are so crazy you won’t believe that they’re real!


There Is No Way That These Christmas Ads Would Be Allowed Today-Some Of Them Are Shocking

Christmas is a time of giving and a time of joy that brings all of the family together. It is the most wonderful time of the year and brings out the best in people who thrive around this time of year. One of the biggest fans of Christmas is multinational companies who make an incredible amount of sales and money leading up to Christmas. These companies take the festive season very seriously and go all out with their ad campaigns to promote their best and newest products to buy as a gift. Whatever is working at the current time and the target audience are taken into account with these products, so they are a lot different from what we are used to today. You won’t believe how some of these ads got made, there is no way that they would be allowed out today. Find out what the craziest Vintage Christmas Ads are from the past.

Relatable Films You Have To Watch If You’ve Just Been Fired

There’s nothing nice about being fired. Even if you hated your job, there’s no misery quite like the pain of being brought into your boss’s office and told that there’s nothing for you there anymore. Anyone who’s had the experience of having to walk to their desk and clear up their stuff will know how utterly humiliating and frustrating it feels, and man, we really, really empathise if it’s just happened to you.

One silver lining that does come with being fired, however, is that it’s a fantastic excuse to laze around your house for a few days and mope about what a horrible turn your life has taken. If you want some pick-me-ups to ease the pain, here are some of the best movies out there that are all about being laid off. Some of them will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and all of them will have a secret message for you to relate to if you search hard enough. Afterwards, dust yourself off and start applying for jobs again- you’ll be inspired, we promise. 


The Most Insanely Believable TV Show Conspiracies of All Time

Have you ever gotten intensely interested in a TV Show? We’ve all been there- when you’ve spent so long being invested in a TV Show that you start to feel as though the setting and characters are a part of your life, and you soon begin to notice some small, secret things about the show, which could be easter eggs that lead to wider conspiracies…


Unsurprisingly, some TV shows gain cult followings, and with this, comes interesting fan theories and conspiracies that gain traction and become larger than life. Sometimes, avid fans notice minute details about TV shows which start interesting conversations about what they could mean. These small theories can sometimes get much bigger than expected and turn into full-blown conspiracy theories! Here are the most bizarre, but crazily believable, TV show conspiracy theories out there. Do you think they’re true? 


You Won’t Believe These Countries’ Bizarre Obsessions

When do culture and tradition get replaced by sheer obsession? While all countries have individual quirks that make them who they are, sometimes, countries can become infatuated and obsessed with bizarre and frankly strange objects, beliefs and practices. 

These obsessions can be filtered down into the public sphere from influential celebrities, media, religion and culture, and often seem senseless and weird to people from other countries. Take, for example, Japan’s obsession with anime- to other people in the world, they may see it as a strange devotion to cartoon characters, while the Japanese view it as a fantastic cultural art form.

Here we will break down some of the world’s weirdest obsessions by country, focusing particularly on those that are a little higher on the weird scale! These obsessions play massive parts in the lives of the people who live in the culture and totally influence the way that they can see the world. Click next to find out what they are…

This Stunning Actress Has Visited Over 100 Countries… See How She Did It Here

Many of us dream of travelling the world, but for most of us, this dream seems extremely unachievable. Oftentimes, life can get in the way of goals like this, and unless you have endless money and zero responsibilities, a life of globe-trotting is not going to be the reality for you!

Amazingly, Indian actress, model and vlogger Shenaz Treasury has made her dreams of travelling the world a reality by staying innovative, engaging and motivated. After starting out as a model/actress, Shenaz decided that she needed a change, and set the goal of visiting 100 countries. Through hard work and determination, the now-famous vlogger managed to achieve her goals and is continuing her travels even now. If you need some travel inspo, you need to read about Shenaz’s amazing story. Check it out here.


You’ve Been Using Social Media Wrong For Years! Find Out What You’ve Been Doing Wrong. You’ll Be Shocked!

Social Media has undoubtedly taken over the world in this day and age. It is impossible to ignore the hugely popular platform as everyone has interacted with it at least once. Social media was set up as a way for users to share and create memories with each other through social networking on different apps. The biggest apps that are commonly used on a daily basis are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and Snapchat among many others. These apps allow people to befriend each other and share what they are thinking through a post as well as putting up pictures and videos of what they are doing. This has become a new way of communicating and has seen a loss in face to face communication because of this. When you can text someone at any given time and see what they are doing, why go to the effort of meeting them every day? Well, this is one of the biggest problems with social media and something that you are doing wrong by using it. This isn’t the only thing you’ve been doing wrong on social media, find out what the rest are.

Ladies, You’ve Found The Right Man If These Signs Are Familiar- He Might Just Be The One

We all want to find the right person that we can be weird with and settle down with until we get old, but it is a much trickier trip than what our parents made us believe. The majority of our parents would have been married in their 20s which seems crazy as we are here now with no Prince Charming or wedding insight. We grew up believing that “love at first sight” and finding “the one” was how we would find the perfect match to live out our life with, but we are slowly starting to lose hope in that. It seems to be slim pickings trying to find the perfect match these days as, how do you find the perfect partner? Relationships can be quite daunting and we tend to avoid them at a young age in case they don’t work out. Love is a risk that you should always be willing to take, and if you leave it too late, it may never happen. If you do happen to find yourself in a relationship, these signs will tell you if he is the right match or not.

These Are The World’s Most Terrifying Wanted Criminals

Sometimes, criminals are so dangerous to society that they make their way into “Most Wanted” lists across the world. These criminals are usually in hiding or on the run and pose a massive threat to the people that they may run into. Interestingly, Most Wanted lists are not a new concept. Even all the way back in the Wild West in America, bandits and criminals who got away from the police were pasted up on posters in an attempt to have them found and brought to justice. 


Nowadays, the world’s most wanted criminals are being searched for in order to be arrested for a number of different crimes. From terrorism links to human trafficking and murder, these fugitives have committed crimes that are unthinkable, and highlight the most evil parts of humanity. What’s more terrifying still is that these fugitives are still running loose, and could even be living near you today… Do you recognise any of them?


You Need To Watch These Famous Bands’ Iconic Final Performances Before You Die

One of the worst things about being a band’s superfan is the inevitable day that they break up. While many bands across the world make their mark on music in a hugely iconic way, once they split up all we have left of them is the recordings of their music and live gigs to keep and listen to. Over the years, some bands have simply slid into the darkness following a split while others have ended their careers epically, with huge send-offs in the form of live concerts. 

Ironically, for a number of popular bands, their final performance is their best. Musicians who know that it could be their last time ever on a stage will put their heart and soul into the performance while adoring fans will go crazy to show how much they loved the band throughout the years.

If you’ve ever wondered where your favourite bands’ last performances were, look no further. Here we will rank the most amazing final performances of some of the world’s most famous bands. If you attended any of these gigs- count yourself one of the lucky ones… oh how we wish we could have been there!

Cop Leaves Something Unexpected Behind For Pregnant Waitress That Leaves Her in Tears

Being pregnant can be tough, especially if you’re a young waitress expected to be on your feet working all day while carrying your baby. Courtney Cadigan was experiencing exactly this and was struggling to work while heavily pregnant. At only 23 years of age, Courtney was a young and optimistic mother-to-be who tried to stay positive while working in a diner in her local town, but it was a struggle that she wished she didn’t have to experience sometimes, too. Little did she know that one of her customers, a shy policeman, was going to change her life forever after hearing her story. You’ll be shocked to find out what he did…


A Sneak Peek into The Shocking Love Life of Melanie Griffith Over the Years

As well as being known for her successful acting career, Melanie Griffith is infamous for her tumultuous and highly public love life, which has taken place in the media’s overlooking eye throughout the years. After beginning her career in Hollywood in the 1970s, Griffith rose to huge commercial fame in the mid-1980s after starring in a string of highly successful films and movies. 

One of the reasons why Melanie Griffith has stayed famous for long is because of her extraordinarily interesting personal life that has leaked its way into public media time and time again over the years. As well as publicly battling with alcohol and drug addictions over the years, Griffith is infamous for her many relationships to high profile Hollywood men like Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas. Here we will give a rundown of the actress’ incredibly interesting life and somewhat tragic life, delving deep into her unconventional love life over the years, and trying to pinpoint what went wrong.

You Will Only Notice These Things About Moana if You’re An Adult

Disney’s Moana is one of those special movies that are universally amazing no matter what age you are. While kids can enjoy the stunning animation, colourful characters and catchy songs in the film, adults will appreciate the intricate storyline, well-thought-out characterisation and, well… the catchy songs too! The movie takes place in Hawaii, and is the story of a girl named Moana, who is the daughter of a Polynesian Chief, who ventures out onto the ocean to save her people. The movie brings up topics of bravery, strength, human connection and feminism which intertwine to teach its viewers some important lessons. 

Despite Moana’s universal appeal, there are some things about the movie that have definitely been planted there especially for its adult viewers. Similar to other Disney movies, Moana contains hidden jokes, funny references and easter eggs that adults always notice and love. Here are some hidden and not-so-hidden moments of Moana that you will only understand if you’re an adult. Did you notice them while watching the film? Read on to find out. 


The Discovery Channel History Scandals That Were Never Revealed To The Public

As an audience, there are a plethora of things going on in the background of our favourite TV shows and movies that we know nothing about, and that will probably never be revealed to us. The entertainment industry is one that is awash with drama and scandals, but producers and managers do their best to keep these scandals quiet and low-key. 

Despite being one of the most popular TV stations in the world, The Discovery Channel is not exempt from juicy scandals that the public love to get their teeth stuck into. Now that the channel has veered away from educational documentaries, and began showing alternative reality TV shows, there have been many crazy scandals that just seem to keep on coming. From presenters being fired to actors not being who they say they are, here are some of the craziest scandals to ever hit the Discovery Channel in recent years. You won’t believe that these were kept a secret for so long…

You Won’t Believe These Amazing and Rare Photos of Lucille Ball

When it comes to iconic names in Hollywood, few people are quite as influential as Lucille Ball. As well as being a well-known American actress, Ball worked as a comedian, producer, and model in the era of Old Hollywood. She was best known for her shows I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show, where her bubbly personality was palpable on screen and totally embodied everything that was old-school American sitcom comedy.

Interestingly, Ball’s career began in 1929 when she got a break as a model soon before performing on Broadway and working as an actress on some minor film roles. It was only in the early 1950s, when I Love Lucy was created that Ball became a household name and America’s sweetheart. After her work here, she became the first woman to own an entertainment studio, named Desilu Productions, and worked between the business and acting world until her death in 1989. Here are some of the rarest unseen photos of Lucille Ball, which document her amazing life- you won’t believe how incredible they are.

You Won’t Believe What Cartoons Are Actually Based Off Real Life People!

Have you ever been watching a cartoon and thought to yourself that one of the characters seem to resemble someone in real life? This has happened all of us, and it may not be too far from the truth! Interestingly, some of our favourite cartoon characters began life as far off ideas and were only created after the cartoonists took some inspiration from real life! Some people would be complimented by being immortalised in the form of a  cartoon character, while others… not so much! Here are some of the most flattering and unflattering famous cartoon characters who were, unbelievably, based off real-life people!


What Was Found Inside This Paris Canal Will Shock and Horrify You

In an attempt to clean the waters of Paris, the Canal Saint-Martin was drained for the first time in fifteen years back in 2016. Alongside a pile of fish, plant life and important shellfish that had to be safely removed from the canal before the big dredge, workers found a massive amount of crazy objects hidden deep beneath the waters of this famous canal that had been thrown in by civilians.

From guns and knives to bikes and toys, the random, surprising and sometimes hilarious items recovered from the bed of the canal gives an interesting, never-seen-before insight into the happenings of this popular Parisian hotspot. After dredging the canal, the people of Paris soon came face to face with a strange and new perspective of their city. Here are a few pictures to explain that story…

Hilarious Illustrations By Japanese Artist Keigo Show First World Problems For Sloths

Have you ever wondered just how blissful like would be if you could just be a sloth? Imagine how dreamy it would be to trade in morning commutes and long business meetings for days spent snoozing in the treetops of a hot rainforest… 

While the life of a sloth seems pretty ideal, Japanese artist Keigo has found a few unlikely flaws! Using his amazing artistic talents, Keigo has created a collection of hilariously adorable sloth illustrations that show what kind of problems you would actually run into if you were a sloth trying to live your best life. Click on to see more of these side-splittingly funny images. 


You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry At These Celebrity Tombstones

There’s only one thing that’s guaranteed in life, and that’s death. Oftentimes, the loss of a celebrity can be mourned on a large scale due to the impact that they’ve had on the world and their fans. Some celebrities are laid to rest privately, while others aim to continue their impact from the afterlife. One of the easiest ways to do this is via their tombstone.

In this funny and heartwarming montage, we will show you some clever celebrity tombstones that are full of personality and humour. These celebrities obviously wanted their life to be celebrated rather than their death being mourned and achieved this through the witty notes left on their graves- from song lyrics and hilarious phrases to well-known movie quotes, these celebs had a plan.

Sisters Took The Same Photo Every Year From 1975-2018- You Will Be Shocked To See The Evolution

The Browne Sisters; Heather, Mimi, Bebe and Laurie, were first photographed together in 1975 by their brother-in-law, and Bebe’s husband, photographer Nicholas Nixon. After being extremely impressed by how the first photograph came out, Nixon was inspired to turn the photograph into a project and decided that he wanted to photograph the girls every year. 

As the years went on, the annual photography session became something of a family tradition and resulted in a stunning evolution serious that spans four decades. You will be amazed while looking through this collection, especially when you see the final photograph. 


An Unlikely Pair: The Amazing True Story About The Unbreakable Bond Between a Pit Bull and a Chihuahua

Sometimes hardship can bond people closer, and this is certainly what happened for the protagonists of this true story, Taco and Merrill. Taco and Merrill were a pair of dogs who were rescued from a life of neglect and abandonment in San Francisco, California. What made the duo so iconic was the fact that they couldn’t have looked like a more unlikely pairing. Taco was a tiny chihuahua, while Merrill was a huge pitbull! Their story shows that friendship can blossom in the most unexpected places…

Forrest Gump – You Are Not A True Fan If You Don’t Know These Facts About Your Favourite Movie

Considered to be one of his finest performances of Tom Hanks’s career, Forrest Gump is a movie that is a must-watch for everyone. With the right mix of romance, war, drama, emotions and action, Forrest Gump was something that every avid movie goer fell in love with. Released in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis, the movie broke many box-office records and also swept away almost a dozen of them at the 67th Academy Awards. You might think of yourself as a big fan of the movie and the actor but there are certain facts about the film that even the greatest fan wouldn’t know. Read on to find out what are these unknown facts and get your mind blown away. 


Comparison Photos That Will Change Your Perspective Completely

Perspective is a wonderful thing that can make you look back and see how far you’ve come, while also appreciating where you’ve been. As we get older, things change and it’s interesting to take a look back and see how these changes happen. These amazing comparison photos will give you a new perspective and make you feel both nostalgic and relieved about where you, and modern society, are today.

Are You a True Star Wars Fan? We Bet You Won’t Remember These Background Characters From The Movie

The story of a young man, an evil empire and a galaxy far far away caught the attention of the youngsters and the movie became timeless. Created by George Lucas, this American space-drama became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. There have been video games, TV series, novels, theme park attractions made on this movie. After the successful trilogy, many prequels, sequels were made and were loved by its fans. You should not be surprised if we tell you that the many characters in the franchise have different backstories and there are characters you won’t even remember. Even if they have just one dialogue, all these characters were important in these movies and their presence deserves to be highlighted. Read on to find out which are those characters and you will be surprised by a few of these names. 


Can You Name These Kids Who Have Take After Their Famous Parents in The Spotlight

Generation after generation, people have new celebrities in the spotlight. As the years go on, we find new people to look up to and inspire us, who bring with them new creative ideas about what it means to be a singer, actor, model etc.

Interestingly, many of our most famous celebrities today didn’t just make it big on their own- some of them have been blessed by being born into extremely famous families which has, no doubt, helped them in their career path to becoming a star. Here are some of the most famous celebrity kids in the world, who are slowly stealing the spotlight from their parents! You may be shocked at who some of these kids are related to, and it might make you think differently about celebrity success forevermore…

Your Favourite Songs Will Be Ruined When You Find Out The True Meaning Behind Them- Look At These Misunderstood Songs!

How many times have you listened to a song that you loved due to the incredible music and lyrics, but never truly looked into the meaning behind it? Songs are written for a purpose and they generally have a meaning behind them whether it is a message or a personal experience in the songwriters life or anything for that matter. These lyrics can vary from happy cheery lyrics to the most deep and meaningful lyrics possible. It all comes down to how much you look into the song, which very few people do as they just focus on the music itself. This has led to many songs being misinterpreted and misunderstood, turning the song into something entirely different than what is was meant to signify and stand for. Once the public gets an idea of a song into their head, it sticks and this is the issue here. Find out what the most famous misunderstood songs are, this may ruin a few songs on you. 


Photographer Travels The World Snapping Photos of Man’s Best Friend With Stunning Results- These Pictures Will Make You Tear Up

All across the world, humans have one thing in common- dogs are a man’s best friend. From pet pooches in America to working hounds in the Arctic, humans and dogs have a deep and loving bond that simply cannot be broken. 

After travelling around the world for over 40 years, paramedic and photographer Chris Porsz from Peterborough in the UK decided to document his travels through a series of pictures of the dogs that he met along the way. From street dogs to beloved pets, big and small, Chris saw the world through its love of, and reliance on, man’s best friend. In a stunning book entitled Barking!, Chris took his photography to the next level and published it, showing the shared love of dogs we have all across the world. Barking! shows us the best, most wholesome parts of the dog world, and shows us, through every page, why dogs are one of the world’s most loved animals. Here are some of the best bits from the book, which will make you laugh, gasp and cry. Sometimes all at once.

Try Not To Laugh at These Side-Splittingly Funny Airport Signs

Airports are places of love, joy and tears. It’s where people go to meet their friends after years apart, and also where they go to tearfully send off family members who are emigrating. As well as all these meaningful moments, airports are also places where people get creative with hilarious signs to shock and embarrass the people who they’re there to meet, often with extremely funny results. 

From adorable signs that kids hold to greet their parents coming home from a business trip, to silly signs that friends use to embarrass their pals after a vacation, some people just know how to make a scene in the airport. And how to make everyone laugh along with it! Here are some of the funniest, raunchiest and most awkward signs to ever appear in airports across the world- try not to laugh when you see how hilarious some of these pictures are! 


If You Have A Cat You Need To Read This- Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

Any cat lover knows that cats are one of the strangest little animals that you can bring into your house. Cats are simultaneously crazily active and mind-bogglingly lazy, bringing with them a host of strange little behaviours that make them all the more adorable. If you’ve ever wondered what some of these strange behaviours mean; from kneading your belly to sniffing your face, read on.

Incredible Photos From Burning Man Festival That Will Make You Wish You Were There

Is there anything better than festival season? Festivals are a place of music, dancing, freedom and friendships which replenish the soul and give people a break from the everyday stresses of normal life. One of the best festivals in the world has to be Burning Man, which is held in the Nevada Desert in the last week of August every year. 

Burning Man is one of the USA’s oldest festivals, and has been in operation for over 30 years, first staring in 1986. The first Burning Man was organised as a small function in San Francisco by Larry Harvey and Jerry James and has since grown huge, attracting massive crowds of around 70,000 people every year. Burning Man’s ethos is all about inclusion, responsibility and artistic self-expression, and is often described as a Bohemian’s playground, where people of all beliefs, races, classes and abilities travel to in order to let go and be themselves fully. Here are some of the most incredible photographs taken from the event over the years, which will make you want to book a ticket and be free in the desert for a few days yourself! 


Servers That Deserve Tips Just For Making Us Laugh

Anyone that has ever worked in the service industry will know that you have to be a tough cookie to survive! Sometimes, with the trials and tribulations of the job, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. These clever industry workers made us all giggle with their hilarious antics, making us want to tip them based on funniness alone!

You Won’t Believe These Terrifying, Rare Medical Conditions Are Actually Real

Bleeding eyes, tree trunk arms, massive swelling of the whole body… they sound like something out of the zombies in a horror movie, don’t they? 

Amazingly, these symptoms are those of real-life various medical conditions that have stumped doctors worldwide. While most of us will never experience any crazy medical conditions in our life, some people are unlucky and get diagnosed with uncomfortable, jarring and terrifying medical conditions that greatly impact their lives. 

No one really knows why these conditions only affect a tiny proportion of the population, but those who are affected are affected badly. Here are some of the craziest real-life medical conditions… you’ll never believe that they actually exist. 

This Evil Burglar Found Out That This Stolen Puppy Had a Huge Secret After Stealing Him From His Family

There’s no joy and excitement quite like the feeling of bringing home a new puppy and introducing them to the family. For months it feels as though the family has a cute, cuddly new baby to look after, and the feeling of love only grows as the years go on.This family were devastated to realise that an evil burglar had stolen their new little puppy, but the burglar was soon to get a fright when a massive secret was revealed about this pup after she was abducted.


The Portrayal of Women in The Entertainment Industry: Past and Present

History is an interesting topic. It lets us delve upon and reflect on who we are and how we have changed over the years. When we take a look into the past, a lot of significant changes have taken place. The world has survived great wars, dictators, several natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes.

Human beings have undergone changes too. If you take a look at how humans were, what we ate, what we wore, how we spoke - you will see that nothing is the same. But one thing that is still fighting its way out into this new world is the stand of women in society.